Wings of Time (A Time Travel Romance)

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Camp Lake Carson Chronicles Book 5. Wicked Thorne Cursed Coven Book 1. The Broken Echoes from the Past Book 8. Lindzee's Royal Secrets Collection. Time and Again: An Anthology. Mass Market Paperback. The Christmas Eve Letter. Secrets of the Mist: A timeslip romance to warm your heart. Lost Years. Remembering a Witch. Have you never read an eagerly awaited book only to be grievously disappointed?

I doubt that. In the previous introduction to this site available through the Romance as I See It link , I wrote about writers and the books of their heart. I believe not every book is such, nor should it be.

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Some are just books, with hero, heroine, conflict and happy-ever-after to be sure, but just books. That was the last book or it may be the next. But she trusts the writer and it will be again, of that she is sure. I am continuing to practice my chosen craft and to hone my skills. I want to bring to my art the highest ability I have at the time, knowing that as I concentrate and practice, I will improve.

I have recently become a columnist for the North Texas e-News, an Internet newspaper based out of my hometown, but determined to serve the surrounding communities and counties as well. This is freedom of a high sort. I can email the URL. Just like the big papers do. So I broadly hint they are published once a week, usually on a Monday. Go see!

Go read! Toward the end of my recently completed book, I became bogged down but still needed a creative outlet. I was accepted, we discussed the details, and within the next few days, the logjam opened and I finished my book. But I still need to write. So, to find out about life in a small-town, visit www. Recently my romance reading club had the opportunity to introduce the romance genre to three non-readers of same.

As it turns out, voracious romance readers that we are, we were ourselves sharply divided on it. Half of us enjoyed the light touch, the film noir private-eye-ness of it, while half of us just wanted to get on with the story. While none of them were bowled over by it, they are willing to give us and our genre a second chance. So how do we make the most of it and gather three more members into the fold?

So I went online to the group and asked what they would recommend to get non-romance readers reading romance.

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Most important to one member was to consider what they are already reading. That said:. The reader gets three great interwoven stories in each book. Need a little humor? Try Hailey North or Meggin Cabot. For those whose tastes run to the less sensual, Robin Lee Hatcher and Dee Henderson selections would be welcome. Spencer has the added bonus of being able to choose between contemporary and historical. That said, a cartoon cover promises a book lighter in tone than, say, one involving shadows and a knife.

A bare-chested Highlander signals either a fling in Scotland or a time-travel.

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Read the back of the book, perhaps even a few pages. Alas, romance is notorious for re-issuing books by popular authors. Buy at your own risk. Set a limit. Mine is usually 50 pages or three chapters. Sell that puppy at the used book store or donate it to a charity or local library for them to sell. And speaking of libraries, for those truly afraid to try any new genre, the library is the perfect, no-hassle, no-expense way to try new books and new authors. Ask for suggestions. Take advantage of it. Winning the HOLT award has been a major boost for me. I am awed, intimidated, and honored all at the same time.

I hesitate to enter contests, even those that accept electronically published books in hard copy format. I fear the prejudice that sometimes lurks about books not published in a traditional manner. So receiving the call that I was a finalist tickled me. When I first read the list of the 60 finalists in12 categories, I was unfamiliar with many of the titles.

Therefore, I thought surely some of them were electronically or small-press published. So I printed the list and went online to get the information I needed. I sat there at my computer, literally in awe of and intimidated by the company A Suite Deal was keeping, not only in the HOLT at large but also in the short contemporary category. Well, this was it, I thought. Now I was honored. A Suite Deal, an electronic book, entered as a bound manuscript hard copy, had not only beaten the odds to final, but to win. So please allow me to take this opportunity to thank the Virginia Romance Writers for sponsoring this prestigious contest and to thank those judges, whoever and wherever they are.

Even my spouse has offered to pose for the covers of my books. At least not in this life. Lest you think a party atmosphere is necessary, alcohol need not be involved. Husband of friend referred to from here on as HoF approaches me and group of other friends, male and female. Others mildly impressed : Really? Would I have read anything? Others cutting me off : Oh? Do you write under your own name?

Me still trying to play it straight. Others pausing : Are you at Wal-mart?

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  • Scene 2: I have to sit in front of a computer all day. Last thing I want to do is read a book on it. I could mention they could print it out, or tell about hand-held readers, but at this point for their purposes the conversation is dead. Like, a real book? Others: Cover model? HoF: No. Others skeptical : Oh? I could leave and it would still go on. Others: Why? And C can be D. The road to being published is rarely a straight line. As the pair battle hijackers, kidnappers, and gun-toting gangsters, they fall in love.

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    Time Travel Romance Novels Beyond Outlander

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    Wings of Time (A Time Travel Romance) Wings of Time (A Time Travel Romance)
    Wings of Time (A Time Travel Romance) Wings of Time (A Time Travel Romance)
    Wings of Time (A Time Travel Romance) Wings of Time (A Time Travel Romance)
    Wings of Time (A Time Travel Romance) Wings of Time (A Time Travel Romance)
    Wings of Time (A Time Travel Romance) Wings of Time (A Time Travel Romance)
    Wings of Time (A Time Travel Romance) Wings of Time (A Time Travel Romance)

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