Un-Precious: An Invitation to the Joy of Christian Missions

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Through dialogue with one another we discern our personal and communal response to God. Our graced response is our collective responsibility.

The encounter with Christ and reception of the Spirit transform the faithful into witnesses of the Gospel. Through the sensus fidei the church becomes a sacrament of salvation to the world. Our mission is embodied within history. As we receive the Spirit and discern God through the sensus fidei we also grow in the wisdom that allows us to incarnate the Gospel.

It is through manifold cultures, and not apart from them, that we discern the presence of God and put our response into action. Amanda C. This article also appeared in print, under the headline "Joy to the World," in the January , issue. Your source for jobs, books, retreats, and much more. Faith January , issue.

Clark Drew Christiansen, S. Imbelli Amanda C. Osheim December 23, Clarke Advertisement. Show Comments 3. Comments are automatically closed two weeks after an article's initial publication. See our comments policy for more. Is there a distinction between idealism and what I call communitarianism, which I will define, in the Pope's words, in the sentence quoted by Osheim from paragraph and the preceding sentences?

Let me present the entire paragraph here: The People of God is incarnate in the peoples of the earth, each of which has its own culture. It has to do with the lifestyle of a given society, the specific way in which its members relate to one another, to other creatures and to God. Each people in the course of its history develops its culture with legitimate autonomy.

I find the vital clue to the Pope's own distinction, if any, in his phrase, " Given that bold phrase, ending in that very strong word, the subsequent sentence, beginning "grace supposes culture", quoted by Osheim seems to suggest that the individual cannot, on her own, engage with reality except, perhaps, that reality of her own delusions, which are real delusions. So my little parenthetical example divulges the problem. If God gives us to engage the reality of our own delusions, which are real delusions, on our own, so that we may know that these as our own delusions, freely entered into, does God not give us some way to critique our culture as well?

It would be odd if our autonomous sense of reality only extended to knowing, on our own, our respective, real error. The concept necessarily paired with the lonely encounter with reality, contrary to this interpretation of the Pope's words, is freedom. We cannot choose freely on our own if on our own we cannot engage reality.

If we only engage reality "in society", then in which society? Who assigns us to one society in competition with another, who decides if we should watch Fox or CNN? Someone wiser? What saves that person from this imbroglio? This consideration opens up a meaning of evangelization more basic and generic than those mentioned by the reviewers today: we are called to call each other into reality, to set aside idealism, relativism, etc. The gospel of the ordinary, the metaphysics of the ordinary, the grace of the ordinary, the sacrament of the moment, are where reality and freedom meet.

When we see, or I must say, when I see my neighbor enisled, marooned, on a doctrinaire pseudo-reality of received opinions and mouthed cliches, not to mention robotic gestures and mechanical enactments of duty, I am called to bring the good news that this is unnecessary for that person, in that that person has been given the power and dignity to set aside the comic pages of the Sunday paper and proceed to the news, and there find the evangelical challenges for his own life. If you are free to err on your own, you are free, and compelled, to encounter God on your own. What of culture, then?

Jesus commands his followers to make disciples of all nations Matthew It is our privilege as believers to share in this mission, and we at Gospel for Asia are committed to sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with lost men, women and children throughout South Asia who still have not heard His precious name. We want to change the lives of these people—both now and for eternity. Read About His Impact. It was a welcome sight and a relief to the villagers. No more would they have to worry about stomachaches, illnesses or death because of the contaminated water they had been consuming so regularly.

Something as simple as being able to bathe in fresh water dramatically changed the way the men and women of the village lived. Suprita was about to see even greater changes in her life. It is difficult for Christians in the West to reach people in South Asia. Over 85 percent of Asian countries do not allow western missionaries to share the Gospel and establish fellowships. However, thousands of national missionaries are committed to reaching their own people, no matter the cost.

These men and women are often persecuted, but they have an enormous advantage over their co-workers from North America and other non-Asian lands. In the eyes of the people, national missionaries do not represent a foreign country or a strange religion. They already know the language, and they live at the same level as the communities they serve.

Gospel for Asia has Bible colleges throughout South Asia where thousands of men and women are preparing for ministry. Nearly 9, young men and women are receiving training right now, and over 98 percent of graduates minister in places where the Gospel has never before been shared. How did the love of Christ transform Suprita and her family through a national missionary? One day, Suprita ran into Pastor Makrand while drawing water from the new well.

The pastor told Suprita about God's love, and she openly shared about her painful life. Makrand listened intently as she poured out her heart, and he offered to visit Suprita at home. Pastor Makrand and his wife stopped by Suprita's house the very next day and told her that only Jesus could bring the true joy and peace she was seeking. They continued to visit Suprita regularly, and one day, she accepted Jesus as her Lord.

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Antrim, two businessmen, J. Graham, have each night seen good numbers in their meetings. Law and M. McKillen motored over 30 miles nightly for six weeks after business to preach the Word in this country district. The neighbourhood was visited, and God gave good interest as folks came in who had never been in before. A number showed concern and some professed faith in Christ. Attendances were good and continued nightly for twelve weeks.

In the work of evangelism the vast resources of divine power are tapped. Isle of Man. News of a movement in this Island.

The chapel is being equipped with various amenities to the furthering of making personal contacts. There is also a call for any who could help in personal visitation or general assistance in the work. Further information will be given by F. Payne, 30 Bally-killowrie, Colby, Isle of Man. Baptism is an open testimony to the inward work of God's salvation. Aitken reports that there have been a number recently in Ayrshire, Lanarkshire and Glasgow who have obeyed the Lord in this way.

Here is an interesting incident. Imagine his joy when he learned that his father had trusted Christ. Pray for the other members of his family. The going was especially hard at Forgewood. But our brother's mailing list is growing, and at times one and another are heard to have trusted the Saviour. Spiers during April was a meeting in the common room of the "high towers". Thirty people from the towers came each week to hear the gospel.

In another tower the work was stopped because other folk wanted to use the common room. Many homes were open to visitation. A week's meetings helding LANARK'S new hall proved profitable in getting a number of the people around the hall to come and hear the gospel preached. Reid held meetings with the local assembly. The response was good and the saints were encouraged to see a mother and her son trust in Christ.

Despite the strong religious tradition in the island, believers were cheered with the good response of the locals. Some who had opposed the assembly openly in the past came to the meetings.


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This is the only assembly in the western isles and prayer is desired as the numbers are small. Meikie, joined later by F. Reid, commenced with the portable hall. Support was good from the believers there, but there was little response from the village folk.

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Door-to-door visitation resulted in good general interest. One young couple waited behind on each of the three last evenings but no profession was made. The couple continue to come to weekly gospel meeting and need prayer. The assembly at FOR RES, prior to their annual conference, held four special Sunday meetings with set subjects, in an attempt to rouse an interest in the gospel. Joe Merson preached and there were unsaved people present who had never been in before.

It was a worthwhile effort. The interest was good, and during the campaign a young man of 25 and a ten-year old boy trusted the Lord for salvation. A married woman was restored to the Lord after a long while of backsliding. These have dealt with subjects such as baptism, breaking of bread, etc. This is a reminder of the need, not only to see folks converted, but established in the truth as well. North-East England.

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This meant moving from an area where they had been for many years. The challenge of the new environment has been faced by the assembly and a bright and vibrant testimony among the locals has been established. An "open week" at the hall, when neighbours could come in and have a look round to view a display of gospel literature and missionary work, proved helpful. A three weeks' campaign was held in March with N. The children's meetings were well attended and a number of teenagers showed a real concern to understand the gospel. Flannigan of Belfast. Visitation led to well supported meetings, and strangers were present throughout.

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A Christian couple, Anglicans for about three years, were brought along by a couple from a local assembly. They were most impressed by what they heard and said that they had never heard the gospel so preached. Discussion on baptism and fundamental truths have followed. North West England. Many gathered to hear the Word of God and much interest was shown during door-to-door visitation. On the first night a man and his wife were saved and during the campaign three children of parents in fellowship accepted Christ. Believers were revived and given encouragement.

Further signs of blessing have since been seen. A special effort was conducted by J.

Un-Precious: An Invitation to the Joy of Christian Missions Un-Precious: An Invitation to the Joy of Christian Missions
Un-Precious: An Invitation to the Joy of Christian Missions Un-Precious: An Invitation to the Joy of Christian Missions
Un-Precious: An Invitation to the Joy of Christian Missions Un-Precious: An Invitation to the Joy of Christian Missions
Un-Precious: An Invitation to the Joy of Christian Missions Un-Precious: An Invitation to the Joy of Christian Missions
Un-Precious: An Invitation to the Joy of Christian Missions Un-Precious: An Invitation to the Joy of Christian Missions
Un-Precious: An Invitation to the Joy of Christian Missions Un-Precious: An Invitation to the Joy of Christian Missions
Un-Precious: An Invitation to the Joy of Christian Missions Un-Precious: An Invitation to the Joy of Christian Missions

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