True Hauntings: Spirits with a Purpose

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This book is a collection of her writing about various cases that fit different catergories. There is no real evidence backing these stories except her own testimony and the testimony of the people that she h This entry will be short, because frankley I did not like this book. There is no real evidence backing these stories except her own testimony and the testimony of the people that she helped. Her main source that she used to help these people is a psychic friend of her's who goes with her and helps diagnose the problems with whatever type of haunting the case is dealing with.

As a general book with examples, the book is okay at best. It does provide with different examples, but these examples can also be found in hundreds of other books that are written better than how this one it. Just don't waste your time with it. Dec 21, Jackie rated it it was ok Shelves: paranormal. Call me a ghost snob, but this book was too over-the-top for my taste.

I found some of the accounts of so-called paranormal experiences interesting, but I started rolling my eyes when I saw chapters about channeling, possessions, and curses. Apr 29, Stephanie rated it it was amazing Shelves: the-afterlife-ghosts. This book offers a unique perspective on hauntings, from a professional "ghost hunter" and psychic.

Have you ever wondered about the interactions between multiple spirits haunting the same location? We all know that some spirits are "earthbound" due to unresolved issues stemming from traumatic life events, but what about those hauntings by spirits whose lives were placid and unremarkable? What holds them to this plane? What about visitations from relatives or friends who one would expect to advan This book offers a unique perspective on hauntings, from a professional "ghost hunter" and psychic.

What about visitations from relatives or friends who one would expect to advance in their spiritual progress after death, why do they sometimes return? Isn't there a Summerland or heaven or something out there that they should be a part of? Denning offers her comments and conclusions on these and a number of other issues related to contact with those who have or should have "crossed over" based on years of practical experience. Denning organizes the book's chapters around concrete examples from her work experience, which I find very useful. She also arranges the book more or less from the beginning of her career onward, which enables the reader to follow along with her as she explores the other realm and gives us the opportunity to see why she came to the conclusions she did on the nature of ghosts and haunting.

I really enjoyed the sense of journeying with her; looking at the cases she was involved in, and growing in understanding reading about how she dealt with different situations. Especially interesting to me was how the living influence the hauntings with their preconceptions, attitudes, and secrets of their own. This went a long way toward explaining why a particular home will be fiercely haunted while occupied by one family, then the hauntings will cease altogether when they move on. It also provided useful information to the lay seeker about what to do in cases of contact with the deceased, so that the interaction can be positive for both the living and the dead.

If you have ever had an experience with someone on the other side and didn't quite know what to do, the varied examples of different contact situations the author's response to them can form the basis for more meaningful interactions in the future. The possibilities for healing are tremendously exciting.

Unlike many psychic investigators, Ms. Denning is not overly credulous, and is comfortable letting you know when her knowledge is incomplete or she just doesn't know. If you read much on this topic, you'll appreciate how rare that is. Jan 15, Sarah Crawford rated it really liked it. There are twenty-two chapters in this book covering a wide aspect of types of hauntings. A lot of the chapters deal with negative things like psychic attack, possession and malevolent entities.

Unfortunately I didn't find the book to be very interesting, and there was, in my opinion, too much emphasis on negative things.

I also have some questions about the author's idea that a good bit of the bad behavior in kids is caused by possession. I also found the book somewhat boring. Granted, I've read q There are twenty-two chapters in this book covering a wide aspect of types of hauntings. Granted, I've read quite a few books about ghosts, so information tends to get repetitive, but it's still possible to read a book that is written in a manner that makes you want to continue reading.

This was one of the books that I read in bits and pieces, not interested enough to keep on reading for very long at a time.


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Jun 25, Zombaby Cera rated it liked it. Whether these accounts are actually fact or not - it doesn't really matter. Each case presents a great story about the human condition, and about becoming your complete self - whether you're alive or dead. Even if you're not into the supernatural I know I'm pretty cynical at times it's still a good collection of fascinating cases in the relatively new and growing field of science known as parapsychology.

Dec 17, Angela Hughes rated it it was amazing. I love this book, and I've given out copies of it to others. There is a lot of practical and helpful information in this book. If you want to believe in spirits as in the "dearly departed" this is a good place to start. Mar 12, Elaine rated it liked it. Like its celestial counterpart, the more eldritch Black Zodiac is divided into twelve arcane signs; unlike its counterpart, these signs represent twelve earthbound ghosts necessary to gain access to the Ocularis Infernum.

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In addition to the twelve standard ghosts, the Black Zodiac also encompasses a thirteenth ghost; the Broken Heart. This spirit is the final ingredient in the spell to fully activate Basileus's Machine due to being sacrificed willingly out of an act of pure love instead of misery. The first ghost in the Black Zodiac. The First Born Son is the ghost of a little boy who dies of a shot through the head or suffered from some other form of head injury.

It may possibly also represent an infant ghost or a firstborn male child.

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The second ghost in the Black Zodiac. It may possibly represent a severed or mutilated ghost.

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  • Cyrus chose the ghost of Jimmy Gambino as the Torso. The third ghost in the Black Zodiac. This ghost is of a woman who died having been tied-up in some fashion, but in the Arcanum, the only bound ghost is the Angry Princess in which case, it just represents general suicide , so it is entirely possible that instead of being physically bound, this ghost had, as a prerequisite, sealed her own fate, as seen by how some sort of action, such as her infidelity, led to her demise.

    The fourth ghost in the Black Zodiac. This ghost is of someone who died having a withered or worn appearance, it may also represent someone the prerequisite may be that of a woman who had her future, dreams or relationships destroyed or broken, like being separated from one's mate. Cyrus chose the ghost of his niece-in-law, Jean Kriticos , as the Withered Lover. The fifth ghost in the Black Zodiac. This ghost has much of the skin on the right side of his body missing, leaving the bones and muscles exposed, it possibly represents a "prince" spoiled, popular, loved, etc , who's pride was taken down, or had his ego destroyed, hence the "fallen hero" statement seen in his story.

    But they have a sense of humor remembering their earthly desires and pleasures. We reincarnate as either gender because there are different lessons to be learned from each role and the spirit holds those memories. To do this we have to be worthy. In the soul form, there is nothing more important than being worthy and being close to God. On this side, we want to be married, to have kids, we want money, beauty. In the energy form, nothing physical matters any more; they only care about being close to God.

    Do the dead inhabit old houses? Most of the time, the dead will be around their loved ones, wherever they may be, not attached to a particular house. Why is it that we hear about the dead haunting a particular place? Sometimes a soul has a story to tell. For example, in historic places like a Civil War battlefield.

    There are just so many spirits there. In these cases, there is a story about an incomplete life being cut down. Our history books only tell the smallest part of the story. We will never understand the real experience. And sometimes the dead do linger in these places in order to tell their story.

    They literally are lost souls. If it happened every time someone was murdered there would be such a thick painful energy all around us. But where the story is important, some souls move on and some stay. In any case, they forgive the minute they go into the Light. In the Light there is no room for anything but forgiveness and love. How can a soul get out of limbo? As I understand it, limbo is a state of frustration due to not understanding. To escape limbo the soul must be willing to listen to and heed the spirit Master or guide — like a guidance counselor.

    Then the kid gets it. He can apologize and get back into his classes. Is it hard for you to visit historic sites? At the Alamo, even just walking in the dirt around the fort was a very moving experience. You can feel the horses, the men, smell and taste the very blood.

    When I visited the Ann Frank Museum in Amsterdam the souls surrounding that place were completely overwhelming to me. Actually, I could feel the souls throughout the old part of the city. Amsterdam is breathtakingly beautiful. Walking in the streets, along the canal, in the very stones of the buildings, they all hold the vibrations of the history that has taken place there, you can feel the energy.

    Both the innocent and the evil. Those who were killed and those who killed. When I do a reading, I am emotionally removed and uninvolved. But this is a very different experience for me.

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    I do get very emotional. At the Ann Frank house, I was just crying and crying. Did you lose your family? I just have such extreme empathy. But this is not just something that I can feel. So many feel drawn to places like this.

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    Our souls are drawn to connect with these stories. The spirit who was Ann Frank is a Master and would not be held in limbo in that way, attached to a place. She had a mission and a purpose in that lifetime and she accomplished that. Her life was brief, but what she accomplished was so powerful that it continues to resonate to this day. She has moved on. Do all places in which humans have lived hold vibrations? Anything we have touched will retain some energy.

    Joy, awe, sadness, horror. You can tell the difference between the energy in an old home and the energy in a brand new, just built suburban development home. Also, old objects, especially ones that have been handled a lot will have this energy. Clothes that have been worn will have this. What if you could step into them! If I was a size 5, that would be totally awesome!

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    Can the dead talk with each other? Yes, definitely. Not talk, exactly, language is irrelevant.

    Ghost Stories - Ghost Legends of the World - 4654

    They communicate by thought, telepathically. Thought is universal.

    True Hauntings: Spirits with a Purpose True Hauntings: Spirits with a Purpose
    True Hauntings: Spirits with a Purpose True Hauntings: Spirits with a Purpose
    True Hauntings: Spirits with a Purpose True Hauntings: Spirits with a Purpose
    True Hauntings: Spirits with a Purpose True Hauntings: Spirits with a Purpose
    True Hauntings: Spirits with a Purpose True Hauntings: Spirits with a Purpose

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