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Tommyhawks Fantasies Alien Tentacles Milford Slabaugh

We headed to the barracks and the showers. Randy seemed to be walking all right. As he got to the showers he pulled off his clothes and went to one of the stools and drained some of the cum from his ass. A few minutes later he was in the shower. That was so hot and so much fun. I could do this all night. That place is wild, like a Roman orgy. Cock, cock, cock, and more cock. I loved getting fucked by those hunks.

I got so high on the smoke I got dizzy, but that sex is great. I had to laugh at his enthusiasm. I never realized it could be so great. I loved all those hot sweaty men using my body over and over. I think one time I passed out from taking this one dude. He must have had a inch cock. I was getting sucked off so many times that my dick is numb. Perhaps my asshole got numb too. He laughed as he continued his rambling on about his sex. Then he looked over at me and said. You are so hot and you never got your chance tonight. I shook my head at Randy and laughed.

You may want to go back in there for more sex, besides I have to go look for Junior. You know my brother. Perhaps they are finished by now or getting ready for another show. That Shawn is hung like a horse. Has he ever fucked you? He is a real stud and can have any one that can take his horse cock. I saw the way he took to you too. You might have a better chance than I.

We live in the same camp together and see each other all the time. You met him here tonight. A real stud fox.

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Marine Taking Even More. I heard some noise in the other room where I left Terry, the Marine.

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  • I left Randy in the shower and walked back to see if he was all right. He was doing fine. I found his ass was up in the air getting fucked by a Marine Sergeant still fully clothed. He had his pants down past his waist and was slowly fucking Terry. Terry was on his knees dog fashion taking this big cock stud. I was standing there watching very quietly when Randy came behind me still drying his naked body. He started to ask me what I was watching, then he saw.

    So we quietly watched. Randy was already getting hard again. He was close by so I held onto his cock as he dried his hair. The Marine Sergeant took his time enjoying his newfound ass to fuck. We watched quietly but were getting aroused. He was a hot looking man in his tailored uniform. The idea of him still having his boots and cap still on added to the excitement. He pumped into Terry for about 15 minutes then he decided to unload in him.

    He moved back slightly and pulled his cock out of the ass and pulled my head to him so I could clean the left over cum from his cock.

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    I motioned for Randy to join me. He immediately got behind Terry and using some of the left over cum now dripping from his ass, rubbed it on his dick then shoved it into Terry with one full sweep. Randy had no mercy. He was a wicked fucker. He went all the way down on me and continued his wild fucking and sucking. He pulled out quickly as Terry fell on his stomach and rested. This hot looking stud Marine looked like he had been thru a good week of physical training.

    His eyes were closed as he rested. He turned his head looking at me with his droopy blue eyes smiled and said to me. I had never been used like this before. I know exactly how he felt and now that he had experienced real hot Man-to-Man sex, he would never be happy with any other kind of sex. I rubbed his back and butt with some oil the Marine Sergeant had left on the bed.

    I knew he would doze of into a well-deserved sleep but then he looked around at me and seriously said. I think you are hot. I found a clean sheet and covered his naked body. He looked too tempting and would no doubly be used by the next horny dude that saw him. He needed to rest. I heard Randy still using the shower and thought I would leave to see what Adam was up to. I started to wave at Randy as I left but another man had entered the shower and was fucking Randy. By this time I was getting horny again and needed to get my ass fucked a few times before I would call it a day,.

    I thought I would put on the white sailor uniform before I headed out to the main room. Perhaps I could get into a little action yet. I dawned the uniform and took a look in the mirror. The uniform looked like it was make just for me. It fit just right in the right spots. My 8-inch uncut cock hung down the right leg emphasizing every inch of cock and my balls.

    I was not one to wear a cock ring or shave my balls. I liked to be natural in every way and never had any problem keeping it hard once I was in action. I liked the button opening in the front. Never could figure why they discontinued this style, except perhaps it was too easy for a sailor to whip out his cock.

    I turned to look at the ass. It was so hot it almost turned me on looking at my ass. I went back into the tent area to watch more of the activities going on. They had started a Dick Contest to see who had the longest, the fattest, the biggest, the most unusual, the most foreskin…there was no end to their pursuits. I watched in amazement at some of the Dicks that made a showing. There was lots of humor in most of the presentations. I was hoping that Big Sam was here. He could show then an inch or two One of the men from the Camp that was hosting saw me all dressed in the sailor uniform and took me by the arm.

    I have something special for you. I know you are going to love this. I know from experience just how good you are, and these dudes are in for a treat. Ready to play the game? Another of the men took my other arm and strapped me more securely to the arms of the cross. No one seemed to know who I was or really cared. All they wanted to do is use my body for their sexual pleasure. It was exciting to me now, that I thought about it. I had hardly been secured when one big 'hunk of a stud' dressed in full leather came up behind me and looked me over.

    He started feeling my body with his rough hands; wandering from my back and down to my round firm buttocks. He took a small knife and split the seam right out of my pants, leaving my full ass crack ready to receive anyone or anything. He tugged at my sailor top and ripped it right up the middle in the back. This dude was a rough one. Another man was at the glory hole and was pulling the buttons off my flap. My cock was immediately pulled into the hole along with my balls. He gave a slight tug on my balls causing me to lean forward into the hole. Meanwhile the leather stud behind me was fingering my ass crack and manipulating his cock before he was going to plunge it into my asshole.

    What had I gotten myself into? Other examples? Tucker Max comes to mind. Just following the same script. Roosh is about a year away from going full Islam or whatever religion he invents for himself. Even Mike Cernovich has a kid now. Priorities change. Take Roosh, he had a certain viewpoint of life and then he decided to concentrate on pickup?

    But because it all comes from an analytical place, there will be no joy in mudville eventually. Now there he is. Roosh started out telling the truth about a lie,then he started believing it himself,then went public with the bullshit. Many a man has had and lost then tried to figure out how to get it back. The hardest part by far is applying the concepts in real life.

    I feel a lot better right now by the way after working out and getting back on board with some nutrition stuff. It is about all of life in society and the handicaps for women against men. Once again, we are not whining here, just observing objective things. Here is the sidebar link. There are 25 pages of essays that cover the wider picture.

    Tommyhawk's Fantasies: Beyond Friendship

    Not just the work space issues. Boxcar But he exaggerates feminine dominance of society to an absurd degree. I no longer think the FI is overblown. If you can absorb the information with an open mind, you will start to see it play out clearly; all around you everyday, and retroactively in your own past. I meant on a local level. In our own individual bottoms-up approach to red pill Power and Frame, while the top down Societal framework of The Feminine Imperative via Feminine Social Conventions has done won their Frame battle.

    Frame is not power. The way I see it, some people just kind of Sit their way through the first portion of life. So, RSD is breaking down female phycology now? I get that society encourages women to maximize their sexual strategy in a way that it does not for men. I am convinced that getting sleep, diet and exercise right in a moderate and balanced way , enhances our masculinity in a profound way. An no you are not as invested as some of us. And you are taking Rollo out of context. Some of us did that 26 years ago and still married to women that have a huge Societal Feminine Imperative tailwind filling their sails and some of us have 22 year old sons.

    Violence crime or violence for men is weak frame. After sleeping on it,I am beginning to see a Jonesvillesque correlation in the whatif rsd maintained popularity while going roosh. Do you think they can deconstruct and backwards engineer this shit without any knowledge of female pshych? Like, PUA is literally knowing how she will react to certain things female psych and using that knowledge to direct leading the interaction where you want.

    The difference is in the depth of that understanding. Watched about 5 minutes and after not seeing any references to TRM while talking about theories originally put forth on TRM:. If one ever wanted to recreate the smell of central London in the summer of that was probably a pretty close approximation. Boxcar Nice. Saurreuben is another good one. Same exact thing, except with turnips. I actually like that even more. Not to mention indolecarbinol and its anti-estrogen effects, and its high concentration in cruciferous vegetables…. My tolerance for mild to moderate stressors is very low. Brain got scrambled.

    High testosterone, Blue Pill invested guys….

    Sexual Fantasies Of Men - 5 Top Sexual Fantasies for Men

    I have known a few men like this. Cops, military or ex-military can wind up in this trap. Gotta AMOG White Knights and be able to persuade them that pedestalizing women is a bad idea…they likely buy into chivalry towards women and you have to be able to persuade them that it was never considered chivalrous to defend the honor of whores and sluts…which leads to discussions of Hypergamy and the Madonna-Whore Fallacy.

    That can still work. How is his sexual strategy working out for him? Anonymous Reader Either I have a short memory or Rollo posts a hell of a lot of essays. I lose people who matter when i bring this up in a context to help them with. I want to lead not manipulate. And as Rollo has said: it is not about passing a shit test per se, shit tests should be used to your advantage with you in your Frame, however that may play out. They struggle with dissociative responses that disconnect them from their body, with the vulnerability of ruptured boundaries, and with the dysregulation that accompanies such struggles.

    Tommyhawk's Fantasies: Beyond Friendship by Milford Slabaugh

    Skip to content. December 12, December 20, by Rollo Tomassi. But it is something, I can never do. Like this: Like Loading Posted in Communication , Hypergamy , Idealizations , Inter-gender Communication , Psychology , The Feminine Imperative , Unplugging Tags dread game , emotional availability , emotional reaction , emotional response , emotionalism , emotions , evolutionary psychology , feminine imperative , feminized men , gender relations , hypergamy , intergender relations , male perspective , manosphere , rational male , rational male year one , rationalmale , red pill , Rollo Tomassi , rollo tomassi the rational male blog , sexual market value , social conventions , the rational male , therationalmale Post navigation Previous Post - Previous post: Rites of Passage.

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      Tommyhawks Fantasies: Men At Play Tommyhawks Fantasies: Men At Play
      Tommyhawks Fantasies: Men At Play Tommyhawks Fantasies: Men At Play
      Tommyhawks Fantasies: Men At Play Tommyhawks Fantasies: Men At Play
      Tommyhawks Fantasies: Men At Play Tommyhawks Fantasies: Men At Play
      Tommyhawks Fantasies: Men At Play Tommyhawks Fantasies: Men At Play
      Tommyhawks Fantasies: Men At Play Tommyhawks Fantasies: Men At Play
      Tommyhawks Fantasies: Men At Play Tommyhawks Fantasies: Men At Play
      Tommyhawks Fantasies: Men At Play Tommyhawks Fantasies: Men At Play
      Tommyhawks Fantasies: Men At Play Tommyhawks Fantasies: Men At Play

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