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Physical or Digital Products – What to sell in your Online Stores?

Thomas Oppong is the founder of Alltopstartups. Award-winning blogger. He is passionate about entrepreneurship and online business. Connect with him on Twitter. Martin Zwilling is the founder and CEO of Startup Professionals , a company that provides products and services to startup founders and small business owners. I know a few guys who launched a course and almost immediately it was posted online in several blackhat forums for people to access all the content for free.

You may have tried to sell digital products online and have failed. While it is true that for digital products, the instant delivery is a sweet spot, making actual sales extends beyond having a digital download to sell. You need to understand first that on an average, customers take interactions before they purchase your product. It could start from your squeeze page or even an affiliate website.

It gives you the opportunity to convert fast. Kunle Campbell is a specialist e-commerce marketing consultant for mid-tier online retailers. You also need to ensure that you can compete with current sellers of that product and actually sell. I use Junglescout to look out for products and find out where my opportunity lies.

That is the before and after. Before your product, I was frustrated with my lack of income, after your product, I know how to make money, I am motivated and happy. You also have to know your customers. You can use a storyboard to do this. Map out a persona of your average customer and think about what they are in need of and how your product fits that need.

This gives you an angle to work with. You need to know though that when choosing which to work with, you have to choose the right audience. Essentially, the goal is to get their email address as targeted leads. A good example of a lead magnet is your email marketing list. Doing that will leave you high and dry. You have to give them a free offer that leaves them eager and wanting more of what you have. If you are selling an online course, you could offer a very short ebook for free that would put them on the path to wanting your course.

Tripwires are offers that are given at a lower price. So if you are thinking of your margin first without getting buyers, you are only pushing your potential customers to competitors who are offering that trip wire. A tripwire comes after your lead magnet. When you have acquired new leads using your free offer, you can now warm a sales relationship through the tripwire.

The aim of a tripwire is to convert a maximum number of your leads into customers. With your tripwire, you give an irresistible low-ticket offer as a taster to your main offering. You would see the value this brings as we go through to the next steps. Your subscribers have gotten a taste of your lead magnet and tripwire. This is where your core product comes in. Your core product is your main offering. This is the mistake most of your competitors are making — trying to make profits from their core offer, and you can leverage on this.

I prefer to put it into acquiring more customers. You are probably wondering if there is any point in the process where you make huge profit. We are getting to that. If your content is valuable enough, members will continue to pay to access and retain it over and over again.

Selling Digital Products Vs Physical Products

Think of it this way: you spend two hours with a client. The client pays you once, and you both move on. Now you continue to get paid for that content for months on end. After a while, you spend some more time to update the content and still get paid for it. Launching your membership site also boosts your authority in the industry and positions you as an expert, allowing you to grow your following. On the one hand, you are getting paid perennially for the content that you put up once. And you are building your authority at the same time.

However, if you relish the idea of building a membership site in the pursuit of passive income, then you have to stop thinking of the monetary benefits. Initially, work on building an audience, choose a subject matter that you have knowledge of and something that is most likely to sell. The more you narrow down your subject matter, the easier it will be for you to build a loyal member base. If you have a considerable amount of savings and want to raise the stakes, then real estate crowdfunding might be the type of investment that you need to make.

According to the CNBC Quarterly Investment Guide last year, having shares in real estate crowdfunding projects is among the best ways to have a hassle-free retirement. To break it down in simple terms, in equity crowdfunding, investors invest in a company trying to raise money. These investors then receive shares in the company in exchange. With equity crowdfunding, you are not loaning your money to the company. Instead, you receive shares with the hope to get a dividend out of future profits.

Or you are waiting for the company to reach greater heights so that you can then sell off your shares at a higher price. With Debt Crowdfunding, you invest in the company trying to raise funds, but your goal is to receive a specified interest rate on the money that you loaned within a fixed timeline. Now, we will talk about some of the best real estate crowdfunding platforms so that you can earn a decent income online. Fundrise allows you to invest your money as per your own accord — you are your own boss, of course. Invest according to your goals, expectations, and capabilities as you will get a wide array of real estate investment options at Fundrise.

Realty Mogul was one of the first real estate crowdfunding platforms back in They are at the center of connecting the borrowers and sponsors to excellent investment and increased outcomes. The great thing about Realty Mogul is that they visit each listed property and works with the best in the industry. Equity Multiple claims to help you invest smartly in real estate with reduced risks.

With Equity Multiple, you can invest in highly scrutinized and some of the most prominent real estate companies. Robo advisors are software products that can help you manage your finances and investments. What is the reason behind the popularity of Robo advisors?

These automated robotic advisors, with their smart technology, select investments for you and then build a diversified portfolio. You choose the mix of bonds and stocks that you desire, set your goals, and leave the rest to Betterment. On top of that, their services will not cost you much either. Their digital plan is priced at 0.

The Acorns app is one of the few robo advisors that target a younger demographic as well. It will ask you simple questions like your investing goals, your comfort level with risk, and an estimated time limit to achieve your goals. You have to answer these questions, and then Acorns will help you as per your preferences.

Get started with Acorns. Often overlooked in favor of its more famous counterparts like Betterment and Acorns, Wealthfront is more popular amid the middle-aged populace. While it has all the capabilities of your regular robo-advisor, what sets it apart from the rest is low fees on accounts and tax reduction for accounts with high balances. Investment features are similar to other robo advisors. Do you feel like hitting your head against a brick wall when you see the lackluster interest rates? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then peer-to-peer lending might answer your worries.

As the name suggests, peer-to-peer lending is the financial system that allows you to lend money directly to the borrowers. There is no intermediary Peer-to-peer lending effectively cuts out stuffy banks and lending institutions. Individual investors like yourself and borrowers meet online through a specific platform or a peer-to-peer company. Although it is somewhat a new market, and people have just recently started to invest using this medium, it is growing at a rapid speed.

It shows no signs of slowing down, either. Prosper claims to offer you investment options that are specially tailored to suit your preferences. This peer-to-peer lending platform also allows you to diversify your portfolio further beyond stocks and bonds. Lending Club is one of the most reputed peer-to-peer investing platforms. At Funding Circle, you can directly lend funds to small British business and can earn decent interest amount while doing it.

You continue to get attractive returns each month as the borrowers pay your back. Although both of the accounts have nearly the same capabilities, the ISA account is entirely tax-free. Just name any of the behemoth companies, you will realize that all of them function on data and how to use it to generate more revenue. You can grow from strength to strength, start solo by opening up a data mining and Artificial Intelligence firm of your own.

Given that you have the right skill set, employers would have no qualms about paying big bucks for your data mining services. Data is collected and then mined to make it clutter-free. Once extracted and segmented, the data is then analyzed to find trends. Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence are also used to identify bottlenecks or deadlocks in the internal processes of product development. Once you open your data mining and artificial intelligence firm, you can bring a lot to the table.

Focus on injecting new energy into the lackluster sales and marketing processes that many companies are implementing to this day. I believe that many professionals have a habit of latching onto specific things while overlooking some of the most important ones. You can inspire and educate people on the importance of data mining and help company executives in better tactical decision making. One cannot market your product without identifying their target audience. And similarly, one cannot identify the target audience correctly without data mining.

Here you can provide your services in two ways: either sell them mined data directly or optimize the existing data that the companies have. Analyze customer behavior to see market trends and help people garner better ROI by providing smart insights. By offering merchandise planning, you can help not only e-commerce stores but also the brick and mortar stores. Say, for instance, a brand is looking to open another store, they would need your help to evaluate the amount of merchandise they might require. It would be your job to predict market trends using data forecasting and then plan an exact layout.

The more data companies collect, the more value they can offer to their customers, which eventually leads to more revenue. Plenty of businesses are on the lookout for a credible data scientist, and they are ready to pay big bucks for your services. It seems that everyone on the internet is lurking around in the quest of finding their target audience and bombard them with ads. If you have a blog of your own, have put in the hard work, and want to make a little extra or a lot extra , you should place ads on your site.

For starters, you have to overcome these few things:. These services automatically display and manage your ads for you hence saving plenty of your time. BuySellAds is a huge advertising marketplace where prominent website owners list their ads for others to buy. Thus it is better to first gain some decent traction before applying to BuySellAds. You can also choose to withdraw your money twice a month. BlogAds is pretty much similar to BuySellAds. Apart from this, the platform offers automation and gives you plenty of exposure in the marketplace. When someone says I want to make online in , they seldom think of buying and selling domain names.

However, if you think that you will earn real money without much commitment, then you have another thing coming. Have a look at the amount people are paying to buy quality domain names :. As I mentioned, it all comes down to the quality of the domain name, and the rest depends on how you promote it. Apart from those mentioned above, some other tips should be taken into account if you want to make money with buying and selling domain names. For instance, if you flock to buy domain names related to healthcare firms because you think that doctors are generally wealthy, then you are heading for a disaster.

Just head to Google Keyword Planner. There are plenty of options available if you purchase inexpensive domain names. You can either participate in online auctions, register for a new domain, or buy directly from web hosting platforms. Therefore I have curated a list of popular sites where you can sell your domain with high profits.

Virality is a difficult process to predict — the focus should be making consistent, quality videos — and the rest will follow. However, making quality videos is not nearly enough. Especially now that the competition on YouTube has skyrocketed. According to statistics, hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Have a look at some excellent examples of how you can tweak your titles to get maximum attention.

The first example is Business Insider.

5 Most Profitable Digital Products to Sell Online | upGrad blog

They sure know how to get attention. Use YouTube marketing tools , then try to collaborate with YouTube stars in your niche and ride on their coattails. Viewers love user-generated content. Sticking to a plan is essential because your followers and audience should know exactly when to expect your video. Just follow through these tips, one day, you might be rolling in all that cash from YouTube. It is a funding platform where creators can garner an audience for a creative project.

And then the community on Kickstarter funds these projects to get them started. All in all, the platform is entirely driven by crowdfunding. However, please note that getting your project approved on Kickstarter is not a sure thing.

How to Sell Digital Products & Downloads: The Complete Guide

About 25 percent of projects get rejected on an average each year. To date, Kickstarter has helped fund over projects, from documentary films to medium-sized ventures, they fund all sorts of projects. It is just a platform where folks with creative ideas look for initial funding. In return, they provide small incentives in the form of a book or an autograph of a rock star, and so forth. You also have to set your funding goals on Kickstarter. If you fail to raise this amount within the set time-frame, then your project will get no donations.

If you made it this far, I want to reward you with the real magic formula to making money online. The method includes starting your blog the right way by selling consulting to high-end B2B clients. The truth is, passive income is a myth — you always need to grind, hustle, and work hours to make real life-changing money.

But how much money will this bring? If you work a full-time job as I do, you need to maximize your side income as quickly as possible. You need to scale your processes. Ask yourself: Can I write content for three years and put in hundreds of hours of work before making any money? You need to start with B2B consulting and start selling to businesses, not people. You speed up your process exponentially and make thousands of dollars with less traffic. If this sounds interesting to you, check out my full guide on the best strategy to make money blogging and my in-depth guest blogging experiment from January Now you know over 21 future ways to make money online in and beyond.

You can start earning money with affiliate marketing, selling physical or digital products, or renting out your belongings. Sharing knowledge, making videos, writing, and coding an app are more great options for raking in the dough and generating sales. You can even build your own company with the help of a virtual assistant or grow wealth through investments. Of course, for the greatest success, you need to provide value and stay on the cutting edge in this on-demand economy.

Figuring out your unique selling point and learning how to market the value of your skills makes all the difference between part-time income and millions of dollars. You can get started today with Flexjobs to start making money online as a remote freelancer. Test out Shopify if you want to try selling products online across all channels.

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You can launch and sell an online course with Thinkific and share your knowledge with the world. Or you can rent out your place with Airbnb to start making passive income. Wow…It is an amazing article to read. I have learned so much new things about internet marketing. Feeling grateful for such amazing post. This will free you up to do exactly what you want. This might mean spending more time with family, traveling, working on other projects, or even investing more time in other areas of your business. There are only so many hours in the day, meaning there are only so many clients you can help each day.

With a digital product, you can help an unlimited number of people. You create your product once, and then people can buy it at any time — even if they decide they need your help at in the morning! Still not convinced that creating and selling a digital product is right for you?

Via Dizzy Fitness. Via Udemy. Teach your audience a process for solving their biggest problem s , using written content, video lessons, worksheets, quizzes and more. There are tons of platforms out there for creating and hosting your course , but they fall into three main categories: online marketplaces like Udemy pictured above , hosted platforms like Thinkific and Teachable , or self-hosted options like LearnDash.

How To Create And Sell Digital Products Online In 2019

Via GoSocialContentClub. Does the idea of monthly recurring income appeal to you? Then you may want to consider a membership site! A membership site is a members-only website or group where you share exclusive content and support for a set monthly or annual fee. Membership sites can look quite different, but most will consist of a combination of some or all of the following:. Via InkyDeals. Some of the most common examples include apps, website templates or themes, and WordPress plugins. Via Creative Market. If you have some photography or graphic design skills, this can open up a whole host of options in terms of creating and selling digital products.

Some popular examples include:. The options are virtually endless! If you want to see the huge array of possibilities, go to a graphics marketplace like Creative Market to get some ideas or inspiration. However, there are some basic steps that will be the same regardless of whether you create an eBook, course, membership site, or something else entirely.

Whether you have a concrete topic in mind or need some help deciding on potential topics, there are a number of strategies I recommend:.

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Via Prive Academy. This is known as product validation. Basically, you want to ensure people are actually willing to pay for your product BEFORE you invest a ton of time and money in creating it. One way to do this is to pre-sell your product. Set up a simple sales page, and offer an early bird discount to anyone who pre-orders it. If tons of people are willing to fork over money to buy your product in advance, you have a winner!

If not, you know you need to keep looking. Another effective strategy is to create a smaller, cheaper product related to the one you ultimately hope to sell. This will be where most of your time is spent. It will involve all the planning, writing, editing, filming…everything that will take your product from mere idea to fruition! Before you start selling your product, I strongly recommend coming up with a pre-launch and launch strategy. While this may seem like a lot of work because it is! For a step-by-step guide on how to launch your digital product, watch-out for my upcoming post, Launch Your Digital Product in 7 Simple Steps Checklist Included!

If you decide to sell your product via an online marketplace, this may all be done for you. Wherever you plan to sell your product your website, an online marketplace, etc.

Start Your Own Business: Sell Digital Products Online Start Your Own Business: Sell Digital Products Online
Start Your Own Business: Sell Digital Products Online Start Your Own Business: Sell Digital Products Online
Start Your Own Business: Sell Digital Products Online Start Your Own Business: Sell Digital Products Online
Start Your Own Business: Sell Digital Products Online Start Your Own Business: Sell Digital Products Online
Start Your Own Business: Sell Digital Products Online Start Your Own Business: Sell Digital Products Online
Start Your Own Business: Sell Digital Products Online Start Your Own Business: Sell Digital Products Online

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