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    The owners of this website cannot guarantee or verify the contents of any externally linked website despite their best efforts. Behaviour however is not always determined by the rules Sexual intercourse between au is never permitted but if the ethos of ai behaviour is prevalent even same-age opposite-sex lau may transcend. Para-Kin Relationships. But the relationship has an additional social function to extend the network of friendship and kinship beyond the band For the Nharo kinship consists of system of consanguineal affinal and name links which determines the relationship of every individual to every other There are only two major categories joking and avoidance These higher categories in turn are each divided into three lower level categories and within each category several more specific kin terms may be represented To some degree kin category determines behaviour particularly in the case of the two higher level categories ai joking partners are treated casually au avoidance partners are generally treated with more reserve ai include tsx namesakes grandparent MB FZ cross- cousin etc.

    Possibly the originated as contraction of kin terms and tse you voca tive masculine singular or se you vocative feminine singular See BEACH -in. To my knowledge ai has no meaning in any Khoi language except in its kinship context Possibly it is derived from Khoi Bushman Tshu-Khwe gHai-s a female. Ai means specifically to give in gift-giving relationship Ma is to give in most senses and au is the polite vocative please give In the example above the optional imperative indicator -o is omitted it is not usually used after ai-te Nor is it grammatically necessary to indicate the purpose of the thing requested as it is in asking for water Tsa ma te ra ka Give me water so that may for example.

    Plan I. The System of Categories [link] 2.

    The Kin Terminology System of the Nharo Bushmen.

    Naming and Categorization [link] 3. Both JJ and Tony never established themselves as masters in cooking as their passion are to always look for food inspiration and endless possibilities.

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    They believe in selecting seasonal ingredients of local sources to represent their own qualities together with introducing their own cooking styles. Join our Team now!

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