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Both allege they were terminated by the Navy's top SEAL, Rear Admiral Collin Green because they were nearing retirement and he was under pressure amidst a number of high-profile misconduct cases. Mason and Spangler said their sacking left SEALs under their command at risk when they were abruptly sent home from Iraq in August and replaced by other commanders.

They said their sacking left SEALs under them at risk when they were abruptly sent home from Iraq in August and replaced by other commanders. The complaint demands that the inspector general step in and conduct an independent investigation. A defense department spokeswoman told DailyMail. One unit in Iraq was sent home early after a member was accused of sexual assault and the other was accused of allowing the unauthorized drinking of alcohol in violation of Navy rules. The complaint alleges that Green has long turned a blind eye to drinking among the fighters. It also said Mason and Spangler were not aware of alcohol being consumed at a Fourth of July barbecue that lead to their firings.

Both say they also cracked down on members of the intelligence team who were refusing to wear their uniforms and shave. Mason and Spangler also allege that Green was upset over the July 2 acquittal of Navy SEAL Edward Gallagher pictured above , 40, who dodged murder charges in the death of a wounded Islamic State captive and the shootings of Iraqi civilians in the high-profile case. The former SEALS in the complaint said they heard from other commanders that they were being targeted because both were nearing retirement, and Green wanted to show he was cracking down on the special warfare community.

Gallagher, 40, dodged murder charges in the death of a wounded Islamic State captive and the shootings of Iraqi civilians in the high-profile case. He was convicted of posing with the captive's body and a military jury recommended he be demoted, which could affect his pay. That sentence must still be approved by a higher authority before it takes effect. The acquittal and other public relations disasters prompted Green to demand answers from his subordinate officers. Jeremiah Sullivan, the attorney representing Mason and Spangler, said his two clients are exemplary SEALs who recently were recognized with top scores for their leadership skills.

Sullivan said the firings shocked the SEAL community. Both men are highly decorated with Bronze Stars with Valor, among other medals. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. By posting your comment you agree to our house rules. Do you want to automatically post your MailOnline comments to your Facebook Timeline? We will automatically post your comment and a link to the news story to your Facebook timeline at the same time it is posted on MailOnline.

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To do this we will link your MailOnline account with your Facebook account. You can choose on each post whether you would like it to be posted to Facebook. Your details from Facebook will be used to provide you with tailored content, marketing and ads in line with our Privacy Policy. He accused Scott of never mentioning his role in the death during prosecution interviews that took place ahead of the trial. Brian John, the prosecutor. John continued. Edward Gallagher was hard on his men, multiple people close to him say. The courtroom drama continued to unfold as Parlatore -- a tall, imposing Navy veteran -- stood facing the navy prosecutor seated inches from him, accusing prosecutors of stopping short of ever asking Scott what the cause of death was.

One person told me 'comic fans don't read anymore, they just look at the pictures. A collective of people that has no interest in reading good stories? And then it hit me as I went to buy my books one Wednesday afternoon. I looked down at my weekly titles and frowned.

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No, we haven't. We're just starved for good stories. I want to do my best at delivering the greatest story I can as the writer. That's my job: write kick-ass comics.

Navy SEAL Team 6 Documentary - Training, Workout, Equipment, Requirements - US Navy Army Air Force

This is Sherman's first forray into comics and it's been a long process for him. He said the journey may have been long, but it was well worth it. Let everyone else who wants instant gratification run their asses off and drop out when they don't get it, it just clears the field for the rest of us who are willing to stick through all the crap to get to the finish line," said Sherman.

All those guys who 'pop up' and make it big over night? Never happens. Ask those guys how hard they've been working at their trade and they'll have some toe-curling stories.

Do not quit If this is what you want to do, do it. Don't talk about it. So many people say, 'Yeah, I wanna write a comic' and don't do anything. You need to be willing to sacrifice for your art in one way or another.

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People ask me where I found the time to do this and I tell them I wrote until three in the morning and didn't sleep. She's just very understanding and very supportive. You have to make it work for you. Schedule your time after work and fit it in. Truman Capote said he may only write one word a day, but it's the right word.

Medic testifies that he, not Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher, was responsible for ISIS fighter's death

And you have to work at it as well. And let me tell you, that takes a while.

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Then after the global search for an artist concluded, the script became layouts, from layouts came pencils and from pencils came inks. But it was so much more than that. It's comments, corrections, edits, rewrites, inkjet cartridges, trips to Office Depot for paper, late nights, early mornings, no sleep, research, interviews, This is a bunch of crap that's what's known as 'the process' and it never goes away. But what an amazing learning experience!

And I thrive off of that pressure, I love it! But this was the best part-- I had these huge portfolios that I'd kept Roberto's art in for a year and apart they're just cool illustrations, but when they finally got them shrunk down and bound, it's like it all came together in this one harmonious package that was like finding the Lost Ark of the Covenant or something.

It just made it all worth while. Just a few short weeks ago, Sherman got a call from Joe Keating at the Image offices saying the advance copies of the book had arrived. Sherman got so excited about his first published comic that he immediately drive over to the Image offices to hold one in his very own hands. Man, that was freakin' awesome! Joe just looked at me and smiled, knowing everything I had been through with this book and said 'Congratulations, buddy.

I know this sounds kinda' dopey, but being a Marine and realizing how quickly life can be taken away from you, I have learned to focus on those moments that come only once and soak them in for what they truly are. And this was one of them. And when it comes to the visuals on the book, Sherman says he found the perfect artist for "SEAL Team Seven" in Spanish artist Roberto de la Torre, "Roberto is quite honestly the only person in my mind who can draw it," said Sherman. Marvel' run right now-- it kicks ass!

Seal Team Seven

It looks even better than the first one. And Alex is back to do all the designs.

Parisot In Charge Of "SEAL Team Seven" - Dark Horizons

It's like getting the band back together. The Hulk,' but it's much more than that as we quickly come to find when the Team is called into Iraq once again to recover a downed communications satellite. That piece of equipment turns out to be more than they bargained for when they find themselves battling the results of a human genetics project that is being utilized by insurgents to advance their ideological doctrine. How do you stop something that's impervious to harm, bullets or tanks? How do you stop that kind of threat?

Seal Team Seven Seal Team Seven
Seal Team Seven Seal Team Seven
Seal Team Seven Seal Team Seven
Seal Team Seven Seal Team Seven
Seal Team Seven Seal Team Seven

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