My Summer Job: Dude, Come On! Its the 80s!

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What's summer love without skinny dipping? In this country song, a woman recalls cooling off from the sweltering July heat by jumping in the Mississippi River naked with her boyfriend. I've always wondered about the practicality of such things — no towels and all for drying off. The girl in this song recalls fondly how she asked her boyfriend what their special song was.

Rather than pick a specific tune, he smoothly replied that their song consisted of their shared experiences:. Our song is a slamming screen door Sneakin' out late, tapping on your window When we're on the phone, and you talk real slow 'Cause it's late and your mama don't know. It's early summer and the girl in this feels like it's time to confess her romantic feelings towards her special someone. She cannot hold back.

Invitingly, she asks him, "Why don't we fall in love? In this song, a strapping young man was hired by a farmer one summer. He was supposed to pick peaches, tend to the cows and mend a fence, but the crops and farm animals didn't hold his attention long. He fell in love with with the farmer's daughter. Now, he says, things couldn't get any hotter. Like a first slow dance and a first long kiss There ain't nothing baby better then this It's like a beach blanket and a bottle of wine It feels something like summertime.

The man in this classic is looking for summer romance in the city. It's sweltering during the day, but he looks forward to dancing the night away with the ladies. Two young people make a love connection over a mutually loved song while tailgating in this song. The heat of summer can be oppressive, with city crowding, hot summer streets and pavement making days unbearable. Even worse is when you're away from your beloved and everyone else is falling in love.

This identifies with this special kind of agony. The trouble with summer love is that it only lasts a short while. In this song, a young man in love thinks about where his summer romance is going. He knows that tan lines will fade and the relationship will end, but nothing will beat this summer. What do people do in the summertime when the sun goes down?

Go drinking and parking, of course. In this song, a man thinks fondly about a past summer lover:. And there's somethin bout a truck in a field And a girl in a red sundress with an ice cold beer to her lips Beggin for another kiss. There are reasons why summer love only lasts so long, but the guy in this is a little bitter about his relationship ending.

They fell in love during barefoot days of summer but now he's accusing her of lying. Did she have a boyfriend back home? Did she change her mind? Make promises she didn't intend to keep? And we could be together baby As long as skies are blue You act so innocent now But you lied so soon. In this song, a young woman recalls a summer love affair with a smooth-talking guy who compared her eyes to Georgia stars and tended to get stuck on the back roads at night. Although the fling ended with summer, every time she hears a Tim McGraw song, the sweet memories they shared come rushing back.

The fellow in this song met his sweetheart during "First Week" at Myrtle Beach, and he was smitten by her "California beautiful" looks. They spent that first week after graduation frolicking in the waves, dancing in the sand and quickly falling in love. The lovers in this song met at the beach and within a week they went from strangers to sweethearts. Between the Bacardi and the hot summer nights, she made an impression on him that will last longer than their tan lines:. I should've known that kind of feelin' Would last longer than that week did Blown away and barely breathin' Sunday came and it was over Now she's got me twisted Like an old beach roller coaster.

They were a couple of teenagers who fell in love at the beach, enjoying hours of talking, staying up all night and sleeping all day. Then came the inevitable goodbye, and he still feels the effect of the separation across time and distance. The man in this song longs for those carefree days and is determined to reconnect with her one day. Summer has passed, and the man in this song is mentally reliving a romance that ended with beach season.

He drives by her house, knowing she isn't home and struggles with whether he can move on from their shared memories. He resolves to be persistent in winning back her affections:.


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With one chance meeting, the guy in this song was smitten. He can't sleep because he's thinking about her non-stop, envisioning a summer full of shared trips to the lake and river, her feet on the dashboard singing a song. The love-struck man in this Grammy-nominated song from knows that time is short, so he doesn't want to waste it playing games. He offers his love free and clear, begging the object of his desires to return his affections:.

So I won't hesitate no more, no more It cannot wait I'm sure There's no need to complicate Our time is short This is our fate, I'm yours. When it's June, it's time to shut the school books and abandon academic studies in favor of love, laid-back living, and days spent in the sun. This song asks what's a vacation without summer romance?

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In this overtly sexual song, Demi Levato, former Disney star, is on the prowl for a summer tryst. She's not candy-coating a thing:. Take me down into your paradise Don't be scared 'cause I'm your body type Just something that we wanna try 'Cause you and I We're cool for the summer.

The Summer Job by Adam Cesare

Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Thanks for suggesting it. I've added it at Have a memorable summer! Patricia - I'm glad that this helped you recall old memories. Creating it did for me! How wonderful that you have found love again! Falling in love all over again He came down for the summer and stole my heart away Wally, that was his name. We swam and ran and had fun with bunches of friends Fond memories.

Then how could it happen a new love came into my life a few months ago. And my heart once again is singing Each song you have here calls up special emotions for me I get drunk on music Sha - That's such a sweet story! I'm so glad you shared it. Have a wonderful rest of your week! I'm so glad you included "See You in September" in your playlist. That song reminds me of the summers when I was just getting interested in boys and learning how to flirt. I'll never forget my first kiss. I liked this boy named George, who went to a different Catholic school than I. I think I may have been in 6th or 7th grade.

Anyway, George and I danced a bit, then went down to the furnished basement holding hands. I can still feel the butterflies. And then it happened. He kissed me! I didn't know you're allowed supposed to breathe when you're kissing someone. I was about to explode from holding my breath just as the kiss ended. Then I found out it's okay to breathe while lip-locked with your crush. It's funny when I look back on it, but I remember thinking "please stop kissing me; I can't hold my breath much longer".

Kinda spoiled the moment for me. Silly me! Nell - Thanks so much for the big thumbs up of encouragement. There are so many cool songs about summer love. Hi, its because of being on here, and facebook, listening to all the taylor swift clips that now I am a total fan! It's hard to believe it's June already! I didn't realize there were so many songs about summer. I remember hearing a few of these over the years. This is a good list for the season.

Nice list of songs. I am familiar with the list and you shared a valuable hub. Hard work and well-presented. Word55 - I appreciate the kind comment. There's a song for every purpose, occasion and mood -- or a bunch of them! Hey Flourish, thanks for keeping music live here. These are all jams that you have featured. Great list, great videos, very reminiscent of beautiful love ideas and keep up the good work. Linda - Thank you for taking a look at my latest song list hub.

Have a wonderful summer! Linda - Thanks for the fun suggestion. I've added it. There's nothing like falling in love during the summer when you have a steady beau waiting for you back at school in September. MsDora - Thank you so much for your kind compliment. I've been thinking about my youth, too! Have a great week! What an exceptionally great job you do of creating these lists!

This theme makes one reminisce and enjoy youth all over again. This is another interesting article, Flourish. I always appreciate learning about new songs from your playlist hubs. Sharon - Thank you for the suggestions! When I am back on my PC I will add them.

The Offspring - Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)

Such edits are impossible to do on a smartphone. Kristin - Sorry you haven't had the joy of such an intense summer romance but then. Thank you for reading! How do you do what you do? I agree with Bill--these are done so very well.

The Summer Job by Adam Cesare

It goes kinda like "I don't know. Hold my hand and help me know" or something like that. The singer is male and has a very raw voice singing that part. The MV was about bank robbers. This song used to be a close-up toothpaste theme song. I try to cop up the lyrics: " I keep live to the end, ooh by your hand? It is a strong female voice. Plz help me. The bank robber thing sounds like addicted to you by Avicii there is a Line in there that goes "like a powerfull drug I can't get enough of" its dance music. I'm looking for a song there a guy walking with speakers and then sitting on a car or something like that and play a acoustic guitar and singing that it will be better.

The guy is around 25 years old.

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I remember that the song starts with "dodododo" and guitar playing. But I don't remember the text in the song. I once had it on Spotify. When I search on "Better" only an artist named Khalid is on the screen but it's not that artist I search for.. Excuse my English.

I hope someone knows which song I am looking for. I'm looking for a recent song by a male and female where the song is English and the chorus another language I think spanish not senorita. Hey, I just heard a random song on spotify the songs name was something light "morning waffles coffe" or atleast something in that department. It was a guy singing alone, There is a line in it that goes " Playing overwatch" and something like " I keep the tv running". I tried to find it everywhere but no luck.

Sorry for vagueness of the description. I'm looking for a song called "danger" or "dangerous" or something like that. Looking for a song that was played at a Safeway. The chorus goes "Breathing doesn't start until you leave the room. It's hard to believe but its gotta be true. You're dizzying me without even trying" please help I cant find if anywhere. Trying to find an old song with the chorus where they go. Talking about love, let's talk about love Then they drag on the last love in the chorus. I could be wrong about the lyrics but I think this is right. I know it's not Van Halen or Celine Dion.

I was reminded of it by the Led Zeppelin song trampled under foot. Any help would really be appreciated cause its driving me nuts. I'm looking for a song, i'm just heard some part, " we don't need to work so hard, we don't need to act so strong ", I cant find it on google. I'm looking for a song I heard on the radio recenly, it starts with a calm repetitive guitar riff, only words i got are "a total eclipse aha" i think its aha not sure , and I doubt its a cover of a total eclipse of the heart since there aren't so many words.

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  • And there's a solo after the 2 choruses. I'm searching for a song played at d background of the telenovela"Mara the only one"when Daniella was crying after she lost her daughter to Miguel I'm looking for a song says all this pain you can see it when i walk see it when i talk I couldn't find it. Any help would be great! Looking for name and artist of this african gospel song lyrics show yourself and prove the world is wrong Looking for a song, pop song with a male singing, probably recent. Looking for a song whose videoclip is a group of kids chasing an Italian woman possibly a gipsy or a prostitute.

    The song is about this woman teaching these kids how to make a woman happy. Some of the things this woman says include something like "[ The singer has a strong voice Hlo guys I'm looking for a song were the lyrics goes like Wish I could say you come back to me Still other ray now I close my eyes I could see bright things for me, pull my hands up show me the light feeling so high Your the fantasy, the destiny..

    I'm looking a for song that I think says, "im tired of all these things that i dont say". Im not sure it says that. It was a soft female voice, slow music. Please can someone help me!! This is a song I have known for years and I don't know the name. I dont know any lyrics their might not be any but it sounds mysterious and kind of like a spy song. My memory is bad because this is from at least 10 years ago. Is anyone familiar with this? I am looking for a reggae song by Patoranking and Cynthia Morgan.

    Patoranking seems to be singing in the chorus "baby girl shower me shower me with your loving heart" while Cynthia seems to be responding "baby boy show me show me what you looking for". Hey guys I'm looking for a song i heard on Spotify and i cant find it It goes like: I'm out on the weekend you just don't know what to do Its by a female singer. Ok so I have heard this song many many times in my childhood, and I heard it today at a workout and I cannot find it on Google at all. The main chorus is uhoh uhoh not tonight yeah uhoh uhoh. Looking for a song on youtube, all i know is the thumbnail and genre.

    It had a homeless man sitting down with a cardboard sign in front of him and the thumbnail is Black and White, genre is Rap, i think its old or semi old i really don't know that i just know the lyrics hit hard and i loved it but forgot about it.

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    • Similar vibes though sort like disco music I guess. I need help finding a song, something about paradise? The line goes like: where no can bother me? Something in the same subject of that line. I just can't surrender I just can't surrender". I need to find this edm song which lyrics goes like "till i hope i die". The melody sounded a lot like in Kygo's song "born to be yours". Any idea what could it be? The Lyrics are something like: I get high I get low that's the way..

      Saw my face I know I changed the way I look I hope you can help me it's just too epic!!! Hey I'm looking for a song with like an anime intro and then goes to a guy that sounds like Ghostemane but if he had a soft voice the lyrics for his part was"Home trees suck the window out my bed sometimes I wish I never left".

      Looking for a song by a female singer. Looking for a song with the following lyrics qinisela mtanami umendo unsima it was released in the 90s but dont know the musician. Hey everyone, my sister and I are trying to find a song from the Masked Singer Australia with the lyrics: "Who is that?

      Thanks so much, greatly appreciated :. I am looking for a piano and voice song, the rhythm is lilke a swing and has got some words like " lets stop fighting.. Some one could help my to find it out? I have been looking for a song I heard a as a child you would be star if you could help goes like this there is a key that can open all doors toemail and with that key answer loves mysterit's for lovexample holds its secret safe till we find that fait has hods the only key for we have found the key.

      Do you guys know a song with a sweet beat and like korean ish but in english? Lyrics: "If I got a dollar for every time you slammed the door, I would be the richest girl alive. Hey there, does anyone know which song these lyrics belong to? I know it's a rock song. Let's do it, there's really nothing to it, take me down, deep inside. Be my woman, be my girl, be my little miss rock n roll, oh yeah. Iam looking for song sounds like this "you and i are meant on tuesday morning, somehow in the sky and i felt free".

      Currently radio played. Pop rock sound to it. Hey guys! I am looking for a track for almost 14 years now. Shazam doesn't recognize it,neither my friends or the dj's that i talked to. It's a very nice old school progressive-house track with a female vocal might be a remix of this track. I heard it back in and i've been looking for it since then. Need help!! Thanks in advance. Looking for an indie song similar to Sedona by houndmouth, the title was a womens name, it was about nostalgia I think.

      I am looking for old song probably black and white.. I Had a ppt of old american actresses on which it was played. Hi guys, I'm looking for a song where the title is a woman's name, and I think some of the chorus goes like "they tell me my baby's a player" The version I heard was sung by a guy, but that might have been a cover I'm not sure.

      Thank you! Im looking for a song, if i recall it maybe a kind of tropical house it may have haf somekind of remix feeling but the lyrics around the drop goes" uhhh i just feel so good right now" thats all i can remember from the song. It was played on MTV all the time. Lyrics were something like " doesn't matter what we do Im free, can't you see it, can't you see, what you tryna Baby with me anytime Looking for a song by a female artist. Refrain is something like, "You still love me, gotta have me, haven't put me out the door. That's what love is for.

      This is driving me crazy!! Looking for a song at the store i work at Am looking for a song like girl you're the one for me,girl you're the one for me You give me so much trouble Trouble trouble somefn like that. I'm looking for a song that I heard a few years back, it's sung by a male voice and the line I remember is something along the lines of "don't your mother know about the scars on your wrist" but those are probably not the exact Words. I feel like the Line was kind of rapped but it's not a rap song, but I'm not sure. I know it's not a lot but maybe someone has an ideal.

      Looking for a song used as soundtrack in Mr and Mrs nollywood movie, the lyrics goes as thus: whatever you say, whatever game you play, oh! Take it down low, cos it's hurting me so Find song by lyrics I'm looking for a song I don't know the name of. Thank you so much! Brie Ferguson 20 September Reply Looking for a song! Stephanie Deeks 20 September Reply Sang by a black woman i think. Christyna L. Michael Hess Jr. I think they changed it season 8. Anonymous 20 September Reply I'm trying to find a song I heard on the alt.

      Symphanie 20 September Reply I'm looking for a song and the lyrics is I got my heartbreak sound oh yeah I fill my up with some design oh oh oh you've got me better now.

      My Summer Job: Dude, Come On! Its the 80s! My Summer Job: Dude, Come On! Its the 80s!
      My Summer Job: Dude, Come On! Its the 80s! My Summer Job: Dude, Come On! Its the 80s!
      My Summer Job: Dude, Come On! Its the 80s! My Summer Job: Dude, Come On! Its the 80s!
      My Summer Job: Dude, Come On! Its the 80s! My Summer Job: Dude, Come On! Its the 80s!
      My Summer Job: Dude, Come On! Its the 80s! My Summer Job: Dude, Come On! Its the 80s!
      My Summer Job: Dude, Come On! Its the 80s! My Summer Job: Dude, Come On! Its the 80s!

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