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How did oil attack breach Saudi defences and what will happen next?

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Politics read more. Almost whenever I wake up, the prices have increased. Despite all of these and many more things, I try to live. To get along with my country. My motherland. We already have a lot on our plate to even think of being one. I myself just want to live. To be able to listen to music on Spotify without a VPN. Be safe.

Really appreciate the subject mentioned. We should not only consider the news, we should believe our people. Thanks to its very nice blog, Well man really thanks for all these good things you have told about my motherland. This country could be much better if was without these weird restrictions and economical pressure. I am sorry and at the end Drew thank you for introducing us around the world and be sure we appreciate you thank you again!

I think every place is good to for exploration thanks for posting this buddy and changing the idea of worlds view. Well man really thanks for all these good things you have told about my motherland. This country could be much better if was without these weird restrictions and echonomical pressure.

Can you believe that a man in beat conditions gets dollars a year, not a month, a year!!! I mean a normal citizen not a businessman or rich bitches. There is some spectacular places for you. The first thing in my country is hospitality of Iranian. You should visit all the town of Iran. Thank you Mr. Binsky for reaching out to these people and making new friends! Hello Drew, Thank you for your honesty and inspiring facts. I travel to Iran for a month or so every year since and return because of family ties. You have done a great job and you got your excellent scores and you deserved it.

Enjoyed reading this. Must admit I never ever thought of travelling there but definitely would consider it now. Iran is not what you think Ha Ha Ha. They are the biggist promoters of terriosm in the middle east and that is a fact. If you go there better not let anyone find out you are from America. You will never see America again and that is a fact. Always from some European who says Iran is so great. The country is still controlled by leaders who live in the dark ages.

Stop with the propoganda for Iran BS. You stop with this stupid propaganda against Iran. This summary from Drew Binski is so true. Iranians love visitors, wherever they come from. I have been there myself three times and its is by far the most welcoming destination one could visit. Kheilli manoum to all my persian friends!

Iran is a safe country and people of Iran is kind. Iran is not terorism. I again say iran is not a terorism. You must travel to Iran and visit It. I hope to see you in Iran. I agree with my friend, I m Iranian too. Iran is not thing that you think, specially that thing is show America.

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I hope the creator inspires you to continue your great work, and reveal the truths about this wonderful place we call earth. Iran is surely a wonderful country with people of immense integrity and beauty. I have never been, but my dad use to talk about the great Persian language and its glorious poets. The people and its leaders exhume love, compassion, sincerity in every word they utter. Love to read this and indeed Iran is not what you think if you follow the headlines! Thanks for this. Thanks a lot for showing us so many beautiful things about Iran! With all that we read about this beautiful country, your post comes to balance the issue.

Iran definetely worths a visit. Why ignore the hate and brutality of the Iranian regime? Over 2 Million Iranians killed in wars and double amount wounded for life, or the dictatorship government? Brutality and restriction against women who are considered 2nd class in Iran , Remind everyone of the above and then talk about iran. I love Asia. Just saying Iranians are awesome people. Rashida I am sick and tired of reading about brutal gang rapes in India and your country is one I would never dare to travel to on my own. Really, considering you come from a country where it is unsafe for a woman to go out alone I am surprised you think Iran is a bad place for women.

Well first of all you do not be hung for every kinda shit you do against Iran. Anyway think and do some research before commenting. Thanks for the information Drew, Personally i like to make a trip to Iran Because of idea and narration. Hi, there nice blog. Actually, I am planning to write something like this on my website. Now, I am writing blogs on technology and entertainment.

Look: Portraits of Iran’s Middle-Class Youth

Great work Drew. Your Travel videos are really inspiring. The way you show the culture and lifestyle of the native , is really fascinating. I had never thought of Iran as a travel destination. Thanks for this wonderful Blog.

Bibi's war drums: Is Israel looking for war with Iran?

This is an awesome piece, Drew! Your images and footages have made me reconsider. Looking forward to reading more about your travel adventures. Cheers, Nick. Amazing blog about Iran, this make me visit this place once. I am new to your blog, I am pretty sure I will subscribe your articles in the future. Iranians are livin in the best country in the world… There are lots of troubles in any countries but totally i looove livin in my motherland Iran. But about locals. Prefer not to think about that.

I love your sense of Adventure Drew! I believe you, and I also wanna go here to! I love traveling the world! There news reports about Iran are total Garbage. Their reports about other countries are false garbage, too. Im iranian and I originaly from kurdistan of iran Iranian people is very kind but Kurdistan is very diffreand Kurdistan has very high history and kurdistan is very moderner of iran Very thanks for your post and sorry.

I really need to seriously look into travelling there! Iran is a safe place. Only religious rules make their lives harder. Despite a very colorful house parties! I suggest you to visit shiraz. And, your article just mesmerized me! I hope you come to visit again. That introduced an element of uncertainty about what Bibi or people around him would do if they had the information.

The secrecy around the talks remains a freighted subject among many former Obama officials, one that few are willing to discuss on the record. And, they argue, the strategy worked: Talks stayed quiet long enough for them to mature into serious negotiations and, ultimately, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

It was a very hard call. The Israelis found out anyway. In mid, around the time the talks between American and Iranian officials began in earnest, Israeli intelligence picked up information about the secret discussions and reported it to Netanyahu. Shapiro says now that the secrecy was a mistake.

I felt we should have shared that with them in real time. Had I known, I would have pushed hard to tell them. Amidror remains angry to this day. Netanyahu takes a more sanguine view of the revelation. This was his declared predisposition. In the summer of , American spy satellites detected clusters of Israeli aircraft making what seemed to be early preparations for an attack. Tensions had been building between Israel and the United States for months. Unfazed, Obama raised the matter of dissent within the Israeli ranks.

It was well known, he said, that senior Israeli military and intelligence officials opposed a strike on Iran. This is true, Barak responded, and the dissenting voices were being treated with respect.

The annual exercise, called Austere Challenge, would have involved hundreds of American troops deploying to Israel, and Barak told Panetta that it would be risky to have so many Americans on Israeli soil during that period. Are you going to strike? Panetta asked.

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In a desert in the American Southwest, the Pentagon had constructed an exact replica of the Fordow facility, and the video showed a test of the 30,pound massive ordnance penetrator , a bunker-busting weapon the Air Force had designed to penetrate the most hardened of underground defenses. The bomb destroyed the mock-up in the desert.

1. The People

Barak was impressed. But behind the scenes, Israel was indeed preparing for a strike. Its military and intelligence services had cut the time needed for the final preparations — for the attack and for the war that might ensue. Because otherwise, President Obama could be accused of abandoning Israel in its moment of need. Separately, Gen. Donilon and Mattis both declined to comment on the planning process.

Netanyahu refused to make any promises. Some former American and Israeli officials think that Netanyahu was simply deploying his own maximum-pressure strategy, to push Obama toward either his own strike or even tougher economic sanctions, but never intended to actually send Israeli jets or commandos to attack Iran.

A former senior Israeli security official expressed doubts that Netanyahu and Barak were ever serious about a strike. But dabbling in whether to attack or not, and to do so with a cigar in their hands, that is a big deal for them. And only because it was real were the Americans truly worried about it. There is no evidence that Barak had turned on Netanyahu, but the incident ruptured their long alliance.

Barak no longer supported a strike. The timing was wrong. The window of time between a planned joint military exercise and the American election was too tight. In October, the strike was called off. As aides to both men listened through the wall, Netanyahu began shouting at Kerry inside an airport lounge, angered that, in his view, the United States had gone back on promises to Israel about elements of the deal. As the negotiations progressed, Obama himself spent hours on the phone with the prime minister, engaged in numerous circular efforts to engage Israel in the details of the proposed nuclear deal.

But the relationship was beyond repair. The proposed nuclear deal would suspend it for a decade or more, and even after that Iran would still be prohibited from building a bomb. During one conversation, according to Philip Gordon, a National Security Council official who listened in on the phone call, he told Obama he planned to lobby Congress to simply kill the deal. Gordon immediately dashed off an email to Dermer, the Israeli ambassador.

He called Yossi Cohen, the national security adviser who would later take over at the Mossad. Cohen, as it turned out, was also in the dark.

The speech failed to turn Congress against the deal, and many in Israel now see it as a foolish stunt. His speech in Congress was poking a finger in the eye of the president of the United States. He says that some of his former cabinet members and generals seemed to believe that the United States consisted of little more than the Pentagon and the White House, but they were wrong.

Despite his powers of persuasion, Netanyahu was — at least for the moment — unable to prevent a deal. For Netanyahu, it was a significant setback, but by no means a permanent one. But he also inherited a loaded gun: military plans for an Iran strike that had been meticulously refined during the Obama years. But Trump, in his first address to Congress , twinned in one sentence a shot at Iran and an embrace of Israel. Trump did pass on early chances to withdraw from the Iran deal, a result of a split in his cabinet: Defense Secretary James Mattis and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson argued that the J.

Gerard Araud, the French ambassador to the United States, said that he and his European colleagues came to think that Trump would continue his bluster but ultimately stay in the deal. Trump fired Tillerson in March , and H. McMaster, the national security adviser, quit the same month.

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Mattis left nine months later. The C. And to replace McMaster, Trump turned to John Bolton, who had written the strategy paper the previous summer advocating for Trump to leave the J. What remained was to persuade the president to do what he had always said he was going to do: abrogate the Iran deal. The White House, at least officially, was still on the Tillerson track, favoring negotiation over withdrawal. By April, European officials had come to think that their negotiations with Hook were working and a solution was in sight.


Trump after Saudi oil attack: 'I don't want war but we are prepared' | World News | Sky News

Hook regularly reported back on the status of the negotiations, telling other American officials that he thought a deal with the Europeans was possible. But the Europeans were up against a powerful set of players — from Netanyahu to the leaders of the Arab gulf states — who used their representatives in Washington to lean on the White House to break from the Iran deal. Some French and German officials now think that the entire negotiation process was an elaborate charade.

Once again, policy came down to personnel. Even as the European talks continued, Netanyahu was working on a different track. In January , he would later announce, a high-stakes Mossad operation enabled the theft of tens of thousands of documents, videos and photographs being housed in a warehouse on the outskirts of Tehran. But Netanyahu saw far greater opportunities in the intelligence coup, believing that it could help push Trump to finally get out of the J. He claims now that even before the election, Trump had told him that he would annul the agreement. But its work had already been done.

According to an official familiar with the arrangements, American and Israeli officials originally discussed a joint news conference in Washington with four participants: Netanyahu and Cohen, the Mossad chief, would disclose the Mossad operation and its fruits; Pompeo would expound on the significance of the findings; and Trump would use the archive as Exhibit A for why the United States needed to abandon the J.

Looking at Iran Looking at Iran
Looking at Iran Looking at Iran
Looking at Iran Looking at Iran
Looking at Iran Looking at Iran
Looking at Iran Looking at Iran
Looking at Iran Looking at Iran
Looking at Iran Looking at Iran
Looking at Iran Looking at Iran

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