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I think I bear the tedium of ours with more outward philosophy and cheerfulness than any of them — at least, I take it more quietly; but if I had known what it would be, to be away from all of you — so far and hopelessly away — and without anybody at hand with whom I can talk over old times and old feelings, I do not think I should have come.

George is very kind, and he says it will be easy to make new interests. It will for him, who has more to learn and to do than the twenty-four hours can hold — and he has no time for regrets. But, at all events, it must be some time before I can care about Calcutta; and there, too, he will be so busy that I shall lose him again as a companion, and then I shall, if possible, long more for a talk with you. I do not think it unwholesome to be driven by loss of other ties to depend more on the only Hope that never fails; but sometimes it is difficult not to grope about in this dark world for something to hold by, instead of looking up , and altogether I want you and a few others.

The night was quite cool, and we are all beginning to count on arriving this day week, though that is being very sanguine. Everybody was growing melancholy about that calm; the officers had come to an end of their fresh meat, and the midshipmen to an end of their clean clothes, and they were put on a shorter allowance of water; quite enough as yet, but it was to have been shortened again at night.

Wednesday, 23rd. Still tacking about: a foul wind little of it , current, everything against us; and though we are now within miles of Sandheads, we may yet be a week reaching them. We shall have been ten weeks on Monday without seeing land, which is an unusual thing, even in a seaman's life.

I was telling George last night that when children learn their Indian history they will come to — 'Sir C. Metcalfe began to reign in , preceded by William of Bentinck, succeeded by George of Auckland, who was surnamed the Navigator, from the very remarkable fact that he never made land during the five years his government lasted.

I shall not write any more till we anchor; you will never be able to read it; besides, I am very busy about a set of little drawings on small cards that I am doing for you from my sketches. I think I shall finish twelve before we arrive. At last we are in sight of land off Saugur; and, what is more, the steamer is in sight bringing us heaps of letters; that dear steamer and the smoke look like the Thames and home, — and then, all the letters!

The pilot came on board at two this morning, and says we were given up for lost at Calcutta which I am afraid may by ricochet have given you a fidget in England ; that the steamers have been looking for us for three weeks; that John Elliot was tired of waiting, and is gone home; and, above all, that there are quantities of letters for us, some that left England the 11th of November, five weeks after us.

Only conceive the pleasure of it! We expect to be at Calcutta to-morrow evening. The steamer has got the 'Zenobia' in tow, which 'Zenobia' is to take our letters. There is a boat full of Hindoos in sight, with vegetables. We are in great want of fresh provisions. Rosina is in such a state of delight — poor old thing! I had finished a panorama of Rio for you, that was the admiration of the ship, so much so, that two days ago it was stolen out of the cabin, which is provoking. George is quite unhappy about it; it folded up Like a map. Perhaps in time I may finish another for you.

He has not left a spot on it. Rather bad! We had great luck on our voyage till within the last sixteen days, and during that time we have not made miles; still as long as we had any wind, even though we could not do more by constant tacking than keep our own ground, it was not so hot as in this stagnant calm; and this heat will have prepared us so well for Calcutta that we might almost be allowed to go there now. We are within six days' run of it all the time, which is provoking.

However we are all remarkably well, even to Mars, who has been very seriously ill since we left the Cape, but has rallied completely. We do what we can to vary the days: try to catch fish, in which we never succeed, except that two days ago we caught a great shark; and five minutes after half the ship's company jumped overboard for a swim, and took Chance with them.

He little thought when Mr. We have had some very good theatricals; the theatre closing with a song by Mr. Pelham, 'Here's a health to Lord Auckland, God bless him! Drawing is my chief occupation, and working Fanny's, and she plays at chess with — ; and we all read and grumble and cannot find enough to drink, and so on; and then whenever I can get to sleep I dream without ceasing, chiefly of Eden Farm, but very often of Langley, and I have walked with you over the Cross Walk and down the Hedge Walk quite as often the last three months as ever we did in our dear, happy, young days; and sometimes I wake up crying and sometimes arguing, and I was determined to write to you to-day, because last night you were so obstinate about the key of the gate; and I burst out laughing, because you came back quite angry and hot, and said a paper key was of no use.

George says he dreams quite as much and as childishly, and that he sees the Grenvilles coming in their great green coach, and Mrs. Wickham gets out of it and pursues him into the shrubbery. It is very odd, but the instant one's mind is left to its own control it rushes back to young days and childish interests; they have made so much more impression than all the graver realities since.

Well, I never expected that on February 15th I should be sitting writing to you 14, miles off, and writing with great difficulty, because I am so very hot, though I have taken off my gown and am sitting on a pile of cushions in the stern window of George's cabin, and with a large fan in one hand. George is in his shirt and trousers, without shoes, sitting on the other half of the sofa, learning his Hindoostanee grammar, and we neither of us can attend to what we are about, because Chance keeps yapping at us to look at a large shark that, with two beautiful pilot fish, is swimming under the window, much nearer to us than the organ-man now under your window is to you.

When we sat giggling for days together on the lawn at Langley, we never expected to be parted so entirely and in such an outlandish or out sea ish way. We had a little breeze two days ago that has advanced us sixty miles, but it has been a dead calm again the last twenty-four hours.

There is a brig in sight, and if it should be homeward bound this will be packed up and forwarded. We never saw any more of that brig, but we got into the N. We are now only miles from the Sandheads, and had expected to be there on Saturday evening, but the wind has fallen very light again, and we shall hardly have the pilot on board before Monday. The time of the pilot's arrival decides all our bets and lotteries. We shall not come to an anchor for twenty-four hours after that, and in the meanwhile Sir C.

Metcalfe will hear per telegraph that we are coming, and will have time to pack up his little goods and tidy up Government House for us. If he is wise, he will send down a few armed boats to take and sink us. That is my notion of our arrival. Or if we arrive the 24th we shall find the ball for the Queen's birthday going on at Government House, and shall have to begin skipping about in our old ship dresses. I have nothing to say, as you may observe, but I must mention that everything that was given us when we came away has turned out useful, more especially your six bottles of arrowroot.

I should not have survived the voyage without them. As long as my sea-sickness lasted arrowroot was the only thing I liked, and since that I have gone on with it regularly for luncheon, as I never have taken to meat at all. When anybody has been ill I have made a civility to them of a little arrowroot, but otherwise none of our party like it, so I have actually devoured the six bottlesful myself.

Still a foul wind, and we are not much nearer than we were four days ago. We tack every four hours, but gain very little by it. However, it is delicious weather — the nights are almost cold. We have come to our last sheep, and have but one pig and six geese left — no coffee, no marmalade, and no porter; and, as I said above, my arrowroot is at its last spoonful.

Shocking hardships! We are all put on a short allowance of water, which is much more than we can drink; but next week, when we come to salt meat, and a still shorter allowance of water, the hunger and thirst will just match. Nobody now presumes to say when we shall arrive, and they are all becoming impatient. In the midshipmen's birth the freehold of two dirty shirts for one clean one has been offered and refused, and the instant it grows dusk, they all appear in their hot blue clothes, white trowsers are become so scarce. To recur to what I was saying of useful presents — I thought Mr.

The captain wanted me to paint a large flying figure for the steerage — we found a pattern in 'Pompeii;' a figure of Jupiter was wanted — there he is in 'Pompeii;' some of the officers who dine with us are too shy to speak in the evening — they all look at 'Pompeii,' — 's 'Schiller' is my constant study. The sailors sing Scotch songs in the evening, and I found them in Burns. At last, dearest — , here we are, after seventy-two days out of sight of land. We got up this morning with a lovely jungle in sight. However, we are not particular about the quality, so as it be land; and now every moment is interesting.

Last night the fun began. We fired a gun, and burnt blue lights; an hour after, the man at the masthead saw the light vessel; at two in the morning the pilot came on board. This morning we saw land, and now the steamers are in sight, not only coming to tow us up to Calcutta, but bringing the 'Zenobia,' which is to take our letters to England; and also, best of all, bringing us heaps of letters, which the pilot says are waiting for us, some of as late a date as November Only conceive the delight of it — it brings such hot tears into my eyes!

We are all well, and all writing like mad people. The pilot says we had been given up for lost at Calcutta; the steamers have been looking for us for three weeks. John Elliot waited some time to see us, but gave it up, and has gone home. God bless you and yours, —! Tell me quantities of stories about all the children, who will otherwise grow up, and I shall know nothing about them.

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Yours most affectionately,. We have just sent off thirty letters by the 'Zenobia,' which is passing us, and amongst them there is an immense parcel for you — sixteen pages at least; but there is an opportunity of sending a letter overland this afternoon, and, as we have made such a long passage, you will be glad to hear of our arrival by the earliest way. We anchored off Saugur two days ago, having been seventy-two days out of sight of land, a circumstance that has happened to but few sailors in the ship. But our voyage was rather calm and uneventful, but we are all quite well, and for the rest I refer you to my large packet.

As I sealed that two days ago, I have the delight of your first long letter since. I never shall forget the delight, the absolute ecstasy, of the arrival of what they in their lingo call the dawk boat, and when ten fat letters came out of the parcel for me. I locked my cabin door, flumped myself down on the bed, and absolutely wallowed in my letters like a pig. You cannot write at too great length, it is such a delight. I got into one of those good laughs we used to have together, till we cried together, at — 's 'Simple Epitaph' over her hen; but it is no use commenting on letters that will have been written eight months by the time you get this, only go on writing in the same way, and I shall make mine a daily journal now we have got out of the monotony of a ship life.

Yesterday we got up to Diamond Harbour from Saugur, but I must take up my life where my long letter left off. Besides our English letters, George was met by a very civil letter from Sir C. Metcalfe, and I had a very nice friendly one from Mrs. Robertson John Elliot's daughter , who says I was very kind to her in playing at 'cat's cradle' with her at Minto virtue always meets its reward , and so I shall find one friend at Calcutta.

There is something pleasant in finding anybody who is disposed to be kind in a land of strangers, and for the future I shall play at 'cat's cradle' with all the little girls I meet. We had a great deal of telegraphic communication all day with Calcutta. Found we could not arrive till very late last night if we went on, and we must then have gone in a steamer, and the 'Jupiter' people had so set their hearts on taking us right up that we agreed not to desert the ship. Last night another steamer came down to help us, bringing the 'Soonamookie' I have not an idea how it is spelt , George's own yacht, manned by Hindoos in such lovely dresses, and bringing also Captain Byrne and Captain Taylor, one of Sir Charles's aides-de-camp, and the military secretary.

They gave us all the programme of to-day's landing, and George has made Captain Byrne who was at the head of Lord W. Bentinck's establishment , one of his aides-de-camp; so that he will be our companion, our friend, our confidant, for the next five years. George is very nervous this morning, and indeed we all wish it well over.

The troops are all to be out, and we are to be met on the landing-place by the whole establishment, and it is so hot for a calm demeanour and so difficult to be smart. George and William will be in full dress, and I hope, after the first moment, Fanny and I shall be bundled off into one of the carriages. George is to walk through the line of the troops. Sir C.

Metcalfe gives us a great dinner at Government House, and leaves it to us in the evening. I have just been in George's room, assisting him to make speeches to Mr. I shall always have a great regard for the 'Jupiters' in general, they have been so very kind to us. I think I shall leave a note of thanks behind me. Oh dear! We are very near Calcutta. God bless you, my dear —! I have been so happy since we had those letters. If this comes about the same time as the 'Zenobia' you will be sick of my writing.

My birthday, which nobody knows or cares about except myself, who would rather be a year younger each time than a year older; and I cannot help thinking that would be a worthy reward for each year passed in India. The steamer began to tow us up the river at nine. Finished our letters and sent them to the 'Zenobia,' which met us in the river, homeward bound. Between twelve and one, when we were going eleven knots an hour and growing fidgetty for fear we should arrive too soon, we came to a brig at anchor.

The steamer stood a little to the left, to leave room; was caught in an eddy, and drove the 'Jupiter' and the other steamer aground. The 'Soonamookie' George's yacht , which was towed astern, of course ran against the 'Jupiter' and broke some of its railings — in short, it was quite a collision; and after two hours' delay and work, we were obliged to take to the steamer and give up the 'Jupiter. We had wished them to see the fun of the landing, so it was a great disappointment, besides the annoyance of arriving too late at Calcutta. Whatever may be the discomforts of a long sea-voyage, the extreme kindness with which we have been treated on board is the strong point in my recollection, and I shall always think of the 'Jupiter' with gratitude.

We had a tiresome voyage up the river against the tide, and feeling all the time that somebody would be waiting dinner at Government House. No arm-chairs or sofas, the heat very great, and the steamer very noisy. Arrived at Calcutta at ten; landed, and were met by Mr. Went through the great hall, where we left George. Sir H. Fane and Captain Higginson showed us to our own drawing-room, which is very English-looking, only beyond the common size of rooms.

We had some dinner, and the mosquitoes took their first meal of us — handsome to begin with — and then we went up to bed. George was sworn in, ten minutes after he arrived. Went to church at ten. When George goes out with us we have five guards to ride by the carriage, and two when we go out alone. There are three velvet chairs in the middle of the aisle in the cathedral, with an open railing round them and a space railed off behind for the aides-de-camp.

All the pews are made with open railings. Some of the ladies come without bonnets, and they all fan themselves with large feather fans unceasingly, otherwise it was much like an English church. Great part of the service very well chanted. Quiet afternoon. George drove out with us. The officers of the 'Jupiter' dined with us again; a horrid account of the mosquitoes on board, though they can hardly be worse than on shore.

Chance has taken to his own servant and will not come near me, which I call ungrateful. We have all our separate establishments of servants now. My particular attendant, who never loses sight of me, is an astonishingly agreeable kitmagar, whose name I have asked so often that I am ashamed to ask it again, and cannot possibly remember it; but he speaks English, which none of the others do.

He and four others glide behind me whenever I move from one room to another; besides these, there are two bearers with a sedan at the bottom of the stairs, in case I am too idle to walk, but I have not trusted my precious person to their care yet. There is a sentry at my dressing-room door, who presents arms when I go to fetch my pocket-handkerchief, or find my keys. Of all these, only one can speak English. George never stirs without a tail of fifteen joints after him. William has reduced his to three, but leaves a large supply at home; and Fanny has at present three outriders, and expects more; but it is rather amusing when by any accident we all meet, all with our tails on.

By an unheard-of piece of tyranny, George is the only individual who is allowed to have his mosquitoes driven away by two men, who stand behind him with long fans of feathers. We are not allowed this luxury in his presence; and of course have, besides our own mosquitoes, his refuse troop to feed. Nobody can guess what those animals are till they have lived amongst them. Many people have been laid up for many weeks by their bites on their first arrival. We had a great many visitors immediately after breakfast, both male and female.

The aides-de-camp hand in the ladies and give them chairs, and if there are more in the room at once than we can conveniently attend to, they stay and talk to them; if not, they wait outside and hand the ladies out again. The visits are not long; but I hope they will not all compare notes as to what we have said. I know some of my topics served many times over. Visits are all over at We luncheon at 2 P. We drove to-day to Garden Reach to visit Sir C. Metcalfe, and found George and Captain Byrne with him. Captain Grey and — went with us.

The house and garden are very much like any of the Fulham villas, only the rooms are much larger; but the lawn is quite as green, and rivers are rivers everywhere. George held his first levee — about people; we had fewer visitors in consequence, and a quieter day. Drove to the Chowringee, which is the Regent's Park of Calcutta, to leave a card with the Fanes, who give us a ball to-night; dressed after dinner. All our things were unpacked to-day, and except one or two gauze ribbons, everything is as fresh as possible.

After fancying we had bought too many gowns in England, we find we have not enough, it is such constant dressing. Coloured muslins for the morning we are particularly deficient in, and, after all the boasted supply of French goods, it appears that after the rainy season in particular, and occasionally at other times, there is not a yard of silk or ribbon to be had. At all times they say that rupees are charged for shillings which is 2 s. I gave four rupees for a little handbell, which would not have cost 1 s.

I am shy of saying 'Qui hi' when I want a servant, so I have got this little dear bell. We went to the ball at 10 P. The ball was much like a London ball in look, only the uniforms make it look more dressed, and there is more space for dancing. They dance away as if they were not in a furnace, and instead of resting between the dances they walk round the room in pairs. There were few young ladies, but some young brides, and they all seem to dance on to a most respectable old age. Several mothers of grown-up daughters never missed a quadrille or waltz; they were all very well dressed, and seemed to take pains to be so.

Came home at 12 P. Our new aide-de-camp, Captain —, mentioned that he was not going home with us, and I believe he slunk back, after putting us in our carriage, to have a good dance. It cannot be such a bad climate, or the old gentlemen who were figuring away at this ball would not be so active. We had rather more than sixty visitors between 10 and 12 A. Drove to Garden Reach to visit Lady Ryan, the wife of the chief judge. She is a nice person and fond of her garden, and has contrived to rear some violets and sweetbriar; therefore has probably many other good qualities.

We dined at Sir H. Bains', to meet what they call the 'heads of departments and their wives. When we came home, George, it appeared, had made the same resolution that I had, which is never to dine out again. There is so much to do at home that no constitution could bear engagements abroad too. I shall begin a letter to you, dear, though 1 do not know when it will go; but I may as well give you my first impressions. I know you will be glad to hear that my Calcutta impressions are more cheerful than I expected. Through all the gorgeousness of it which you write about, I see a great deal of positive comfort scattered about, ready to be piled up into something solid.

I write this after having been here only four days, so I may perhaps contradict myself in half I tell you now before I end. I am writing at the quiet hours of the day, from luncheon at two o'clock, till going out to drive at five. The delight of these quiet hours after having had almost the whole of Calcutta to see us this morning, nobody can tell.

This is the time that we shall go to sleep, when we get up to ride at five in the morning. I have a week's respite from that, till the horses are rested from the voyage. I wrote to you a week ago, before we landed. Just after I wrote, the pilot got us aground, and our arrival was delayed till late at night; so we missed all the formal reception; but at the first moment of seeing this house, I thought I had never fancied anything so magnificent. The moonlight is almost as bright as day. Metcalfe had meant us to dine with eighty people who were still there when we arrived.

All the halls were lighted up; the steps of the portico leading to them were covered with all the turbaned attendants in their white muslin dresses, the native guards galloping before us, and this enormous building looking more like a real palace, a palace in the 'Arabian Nights,' than anything I have been able to dream on the subject. It is something like what I expected, and yet not the least, at present, as far as externals go: it seems to me that we are acting a long opera. I am now in my boudoir; very much the size of the Picture Gallery at Grosvenor House; three large glass doors on one side look over the city, three more at the end at the great gate and entrance: they are all venetianed up at present.

Three sets of folding doors open into the bedroom and two bath-rooms at the other end; and three more on the other side into the dressing-room and passage that lead to this suite of rooms, for everyone here has their suite. Emily and I are in opposite wings, far as the poles asunder, and at night when I set about making my way from her room to mine, I am in imminent peril of stepping upon the bales of living white muslin that are sleeping about the galleries.

Our whole Indian system strikes me now, as a wonderful arrangement for human creatures to have given in to. In a week, I suppose, I shall think it very natural, but the subserviency of the natives to the handful of white men, who have got into this country, shocks me, at this moment. Young officers driving fast through the streets under the burning sun, with their servants running after them, just for show. In this climate, it is quite necessary to have every door open, but I am making a clever arrangement of screens to screen everybody out; though it seems to me that people push to an extreme the arrangement to prevent having the slightest trouble, even of thought.

I can already feel what the languor is that this climate produces. We have arrived upon the verge of the hot season, and at this hour, with the windows and blinds closed, and the punkahs going, the slightest exertion, even of moving across the room, is a real fatigue. Keeping very quiet, there is, as yet, no suffering from heat, but in a month it will be much greater. Till half past nine or ten in the morning, the air is cool that comes in, but next week, when we begin to ride, we must be out at five in the morning, so as to be in before the sun has any power.

We go out to drive, now, at half past five, and then, it is very cool and pleasant. As to society, I can as yet tell you nothing of it. We have had hundreds of people to see us, and very fatiguing it is; but after first arriving we need only receive visits twice a week, and all visiting is over at two o'clock, which is a blessing. I am so confused by the numbers we have seen, I do not in the least know one from the others: they all looked very much better dressed than ourselves, and not much yellower than we shall be in a week.

We have dined at Sir H. Fane's, the Commander-in-Chief, and need dine out no more. Next week we are to give a ball and a concert. All the representation part of our lives must be very fatiguing in such a climate; but for five days in the week, I think we shall make it much more of a home life than I had dared to hope when we left England. Taking a drive is as yet a very surprising operation to us. There are numbers of carriages, with their turbaned postilions and coachmen. Now and then, a very handsome European one; and one looks inside to see perhaps four natives sitting: two yards of muslin would handsomely suffice for the clothing that is on them all.

Every figure one passes looks strange and picturesque. There are moments when a feeling of desperation comes over me to think that I must dream this dream, so distinct from all my past life, for five years, with, I opine, very little of real interest in them; but I mean to make the best of it. At this time, it really does seem like the dreams one used to get up, in nights when one could not sleep; the houses, the people, the very trees, all unlike anything real that one has seen before. We are to go to Barrackpore in two days, and I suspect we shall like to live there much better than at Calcutta.

The green of the grass even here, surprises me; much greener than the grass near London in summer. It was rather shocking as we came up the Hooghly to see all the dead bodies floating past, with the birds pecking at them. I had rather be burned than pecked at, I cannot but think. I find I can send this to-morrow by the 'Robarts;' so I must finish it off first. George must find out that he can Governor-General here, as well as at Calcutta.

The house is the perfection of comfort, and, moreover, only holds us three: the aides-de-camp and the waiters live in little bungalows about the park, which is a thorough English one, with plenty of light and shade. The gardens are very pretty. We have our elephants to ride here. Emily has not begun yet; but with the greatest presence of mind and dignity — frightened out of my life, but feeling that the eyes of the body guard were upon me — I, yesterday evening, scrambled like a cat up the ladder, which is necessary, though the creature kneels down: took a ride with George round the Park, being, I guess, at least twenty feet above the level of the sea, a thing that seldom happens in Bengal.

There are little hills in the Park, but they rose in the days when Lord Hastings said, 'Make a hill,' and one was made. There is a billiard table, pianofortes, chessboards, everything as if we had always lived here. No servants are kept here, but all the establishment that is left at Calcutta is established here before we arrive.

There is even the tailor squatting at the door with his spectacles on, just as I left him squatting there. I hope we shall be here at least four days of every week. We have only Captain Grey and some of the midshipmen here, and what the mosquitoes have left of us is very comfortable. Metcalfe, who has been here for thirty years, says they bite him, now, as much as they did the first day; and many people seem to be confined for months after they first arrive, from the inflammation of their bites.

Emily and I are going to take a quiet airing on an elephant this afternoon. E DEN. Got up with half a headache for want of sleep; the Brahminee kites and the crows and the pariah dogs all croaked and cawed and howled all night. George held a durbar, which means in common sensible parlance, that the native princes and noblesse came to see him. They bring him offerings — some of them he said offered him what looked like two half-sovereigns, which he touches, but is not allowed to pocket, and he gives some of them a dress of honour, and they go out and put it on and come back, and then he gives them pawn to eat and pours a little attar of roses over their hands, and then they go.

There were so many who came that he said Captain — , who acts as his interpreter, whispered to him not to tilt the bottle of attar of roses quite so much, for fear it should not last. I think the East India Company must be charmed with such economy. We never got a sight of the durbar, though often half-way down the passage, being always turned back by fresh arrivals. We had above visitors this morning, sometimes as many as thirty at once in the room.

Captain Macgregor was quite tired of announcing them, and almost as much puzzled as we were with some of their names. I actually cried with fatigue and headache after it was all over. However, I went fast asleep the instant we got on board, so they did not hurt me; but I saw nothing of the river in consequence. Our own servants, including the bargemen and the kitchen-servants, were all either in the steamer that towed us, or in the state barges, and they were rather more than people — such a simple way of going to pass two nights in the country.

We arrived before 5 P. Barrackpore is a charming place, like a beautiful English villa on the banks of the Thames — so green and fresh; the house is about the size of Cashiobury, to all appearance, but it just holds George, Fanny, and me, the rest of the party all sleep in thatched cottages built in the park; the drawing and dining-rooms are immense, and each person requires two or three rooms besides a bath in this country, so as to be able to change rooms from the sun.

We were carried round the gardens, which are delightful, and I see that this place might console me for half the week at Calcutta. The elephants were brought out, and most of the party got on them, but they looked so large I did not like it.

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Captain Chads is a very pleasant man, so simple and straightforward, which is a merit here. Captain Chads has a young Disbrowe with him, and we have sent to ask him to dine with us on Saturday and go with us to the Opera. George held a military levee, and all the field-officers came on to us afterwards; but they were not above thirty, and it was soon over.

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Knocked Up by the Good Doctor (Breeding with Bondage and Cuckoldry)
Knocked Up by the Good Doctor (Breeding with Bondage and Cuckoldry)
Knocked Up by the Good Doctor (Breeding with Bondage and Cuckoldry)
Knocked Up by the Good Doctor (Breeding with Bondage and Cuckoldry)
Knocked Up by the Good Doctor (Breeding with Bondage and Cuckoldry)
Knocked Up by the Good Doctor (Breeding with Bondage and Cuckoldry)
Knocked Up by the Good Doctor (Breeding with Bondage and Cuckoldry)
Knocked Up by the Good Doctor (Breeding with Bondage and Cuckoldry)

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