Diary of a Mad First Mate

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Chapter 1 -- Out to Sea

Bloody fucking ministry owls had no respect for person space. Despite his words Harry looks, not surprisingly, pleased with himself. Ron snorts politely refraining from mentioning that Harry is becoming more and more like his mum with every passing year. Except he does know him, better than he knows himself.

Ron tries feign indifference, sliding the envelope open and making a noise of surprise when two tickets to the sold old Cannons vs Puddlemere game fall onto his desk. Ron fingers the gold lettering on the tickets. A private box. Fucking Harry. It is having its best year ever on AO3, and may eventually even pass TransFigured for most hits, and Best Mates for most kudos. It is currently at 2 for both.

So I was expecting a soppy phone call with his girlfriend. Yeah, yeah I will bring drinks tonight, sure see you later bro. I struggled with doing it in a training scene. I ended up focusing on the conversation between Roxy and Eggsy.

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Something was up with Eggsy. She liked to think that she knew Eggsy better than anyone. Sure, Harry and Merlin may be sleeping with him, and they all three shared a profound bond, but neither Harry nor Merlin shared the experiences she and Eggsy did. She knew Eggsy as well as she knew herself. And she knew at that moment that something was eating at Eggsy. She first realized something was off at their morning meeting yesterday.

Eggsy, despite seeming like a lackadaisical loafer, was actually one of the most attentive and studious agents at the table, and that morning he listened listlessly as Harry spoke. Today was only worse. She tried to get him to go down to the shooting range with her, but Eggsy just murmured a flimsy excuse and wandered off, shoulders sunk in defeat.

He was usually so vibrant and confident. When Eggsy was in a room, it was hard not to stare at him. He was a ray of golden sunlight that filled a room. This is ridiculous. After her meeting with Merlin, Roxy set off to find Eggsy. She located him in the gym, going hard at one of the punching bags. She stood back, watching as he worked the bag, the muscles in his arms tightening with each throw of his fist.

Sweat glistened against his skin, giving him a warm glow. It really was ridiculous how beautiful Eggsy was. Eggsy grabbed the swinging bag to stop it. Merlin need me? A flush had spread over his cheeks and along his chest.

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  8. She saw no point in beating around the bush. He tried to hide it by hunching forward, condensing himself as small as possible, but Roxy saw it. She clenched her jaw. Did you get in a fight with Harry? Do I need to go slash his tires or swap his sugar out with salt?

    Dear Diary, I Have a Mate by Abbie Lynn

    He shook his head. Roxy bit back a sigh. Was it Percival? Your mother? Thanks and all, but really. Eggsy clenched and unclenched his jaw, emotions warring across his face. He swiped his hand through his hair, causing the blond strands to stick up at odd angles.

    She crossed the room and wrapped her arms tightly around his neck, hugging him close. Eggsy stiffened. Eggsy melted into the embrace, his arms coming to wrap around her waist.

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    She always felt safe when he held her, like nothing could ever touch her. Roxy forced herself to pull back, looking Eggsy directly in the eyes.

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    Eggsy looked down, and Roxy thought she might have to pry more, but then he nodded. Roxy took a seat, waiting. Eggsy laid his hands flat on his knees, palms facing up, and stared down at his fingers. Roxy blinked, carefully picking over the tangle of words. She raised her eyebrows as she digested what he said. Wot would happen if I was? What we care about is you, Eggsy, not some arbitrary concept conceived by society. Lose Kingsman?

    Eggsy, you have to start being true to yourself. Poor Meg. Terrifying creatures want her dead. A sexy warrior is sent to save her. A glittering destiny awaits her.

    But hers is a destiny she will have to fight to the death for. And when the real battle begins, just who the true enemy is will surprise everyone.


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    Diary of a Mad First Mate Diary of a Mad First Mate
    Diary of a Mad First Mate Diary of a Mad First Mate
    Diary of a Mad First Mate Diary of a Mad First Mate
    Diary of a Mad First Mate Diary of a Mad First Mate
    Diary of a Mad First Mate Diary of a Mad First Mate
    Diary of a Mad First Mate Diary of a Mad First Mate
    Diary of a Mad First Mate Diary of a Mad First Mate
    Diary of a Mad First Mate Diary of a Mad First Mate

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