Deadly Force (Mills & Boon Intrigue) (The Detectives, Book 1)

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Keira is a fighter. They stay there for a few days before eventually heading back to reality. He finds out about the shelter and admires her quiet strength and determination to do good out of bad. However, a few things start to get in their way: his snooty mother, for one, who is none too impressed to find out her beloved son, for whom she has great political aspirations, has knocked up an ex-stripper.

She believes Keira is only after the Weber money and is determined to get rid of her, no matter how much it costs. She goes out of her way to blindside Keira at every turn and even offers her money to terminate her relationship with Roman — and the pregnancy. Another great instalment in the Omega Sector series. Title: Suspicious Activities. But he never expected his first assignment would force him to break every rule in the employee handbook. He has every intention of keeping her safe—especially when his protective detail turns from professional to personal in the blink of an eye.

Standalone or series: The fourth in the Orion Security series, but can be read as a standalone. The review: I enjoyed this book. He was a really interesting character. Nikki is willing to give him a chance when Jonathan, one of the three men loyal to Nikki, recommends him for a job at Orion Security. Nikki, Oliver Quinn book one , Mark Tranton book two and Jonathan Carmichael book three all worked for another security firm that only took on rich clients.

One day, a scientist named Morgan Avery came in and begged for a bodyguard because she felt her life was in danger; she had won a prestigious job in London and a lot of other scientists were angry. When Morgan was murdered, Nikki let slip to a reporter what Andrew had said and when it came out in the media, Andrew was fired and his reputation was in tatters. He hires a group of men to murder her, and when everyone realises what is happening Jackson is tasked with protecting Nikki until they can catch Andrew.

What follows is a whirlwind of cat and mouse as Nikki and Jackson do their best to avoid the hitmen and stay alive. In between all the craziness, they manage to find time to make out a couple of times, although, like the previous book in the series I read, the hero and heroine do nothing more than kiss. I really loved Jackson; he had a quiet strength to him that was incredibly appealing.

Worth a read. Title: Primal Instinct. The blurb: On the crowded streets of San Francisco, a serial killer watches and waits. Desperate, they turn to Adrienne Jeffries. Standalone or series: Book one of the Instinct series, but can be read as a standalone. Her reputation precedes her; she helped solve an untold number of cases in a two year period.

However, eight years ago, she suddenly stopped working with the FBI and has become somewhat of a legend whispered about at the water cooler. The body count now stands at five, and Conner and his partner, Seth Harrington, are willing to do anything to find him. Adrienne Jeffries now owns a horse ranch a couple of hours outside San Fran, and her manager, Rick, has a warrant out for his arrest for failing to meet the conditions of his parole for minor crimes.

She can hear their thoughts in her head. The evil voices scream inside her head. She gets nosebleeds and migraines. But the FBI did not look after her in any way, just demanded she kept helping them solve cases, and eventually it became so hard for her that she had to walk away. Which is why she is reluctant to go back to the FBI, but she does to help Rick. There is one scene where Adrienne is in a coffee shop one morning and can hear a man intent on murdering two of the people in the coffee shop with Adrienne that is just incredible.

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This is the first in the Instinct trilogy — Adrienne is a triplet, and her sisters Paige and Chloe also have a gift. The next two books are their stories. Be prepared to be sucked into this book — I read it one night for hours until my phone fell out of my hand because I was so tired!

Title: Full Force Fatherhood. The blurb: Mark Tranton thought his bodyguard career ended the day he watched a client die. Now Kelli Crane—the widow—needs Mark to keep her and her little girl safe. Being around Kelli again stirs something in Mark he could never admit. And spending time with her daughter makes him long to be more than just their personal protectors.

Mark refuses to allow that to happen. Even if he has to sacrifice their newly discovered happiness to keep her out of the line of fire.

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Standalone or series: Book two of the Orion Security series, but can be read as a standalone. The review: Mark Tranton is hired as a bodyguard to look after investigative journalist Victor Crane and his wife, Kelli. He tries to go back for Victor, but is too late. Two years later, Mark has quit the security firm because of his guilt over not being able to save Victor. Kelli has a daughter, Grace, and is preparing to move from the house she shared with Victor when she finds a notebook hidden in his study. The more they examine the evidence, the more it becomes clear that something is not right with the charity.

Deadly Force

Title: Guarding Grace. Author: Rebecca York. In the wrong place at the wrong time, Grace Cunningham had become a target, and only he could keep her alive. But Brady was convinced she knew more than she was telling…. Her brooding bodyguard had given her not only protection but passion and pleasure.

Standalone or series: Book thirty three! The review: As a writer, there are only so many plots you can come up with. This book, sadly, had neither. The plot was just downright silly. Grace is still in the office when she hears John going at it with his latest paramour, and then she hears him die. The official line is that he had a heart attack, and his girlfriend is taken away for questioning by some shady individuals. His security team are covering his death up as nobody is sure whether his death was natural or forced. They promptly go on the run where someone tries to kill them countless times.

The woman John Ridgway was having an affair with was actually a female clone of himself. Turns out rich people paid some scientist to clone them in the event they ever needed an organ transplant??? Oh boy. I just felt sorry for Brady being dragged into the whole mess, and I did feel a little sorry for Grace, who felt less than human being a clone.

Pass on this one, kids. Title: Man of Action. Four years later, her skill at reading people is unrivalled—until she meets fellow profiler Brandon Han. Paired together to track a serial killer who has been targeting at-risk women, the two become entangled beyond the case. Their mutual attraction deepens as they get closer to the truth. Standalone or series: Book four in the Omega Sector: Critical Response series, but can be read as a standalone. The review: You know what I love about reading a book by Janie Crouch?

This book was no exception. Andrea Gordon is an amazing heroine. Brought up by an abusive, alcoholic aunt and uncle, she finally leaves at seventeen and gets a job in a strip club. She hates every minute of it, but does what she has to do to survive. She approaches Steve Drackett, the Omega Sector director, and Grace Parker, the psychologist, to tell them about him, and something about her intrigues Steve enough that he and Grace seek her out after the crisis is over.

Four years later, Andrea has turned her life around. It makes sense — Andrea is excellent at reading people and one victim is from her hometown, so she knows the area well. They do eventually catch the killer, whose identity I did not guess, but not before Andrea is taken hostage. Brandon saves her, is injured, and they get their happily ever after.

Title: Explosive Engagement. Author: Lisa Childs. The blurb: Nothing has fazed Logan Payne in his entire career as a bodyguard. Standalone or series: Book two of the Shotgun Weddings series, but can be read as a standalone. The review: I love the Payne family. He was seventeen when his father, a cop, was gunned down during a robbery by Patek Kozminski. When Kozminski is murdered in prison, he leaves behind his three children: Garek, Milek and Stacy.

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Or do they? Stacy begged Logan once not to attend a parole hearing for her father, but he refused, determined to keep the man in prison. When Patek dies, someone comes after Stacy and Logan. Penny Payne has always looked out for the Kozminski children, who were teenagers when their father was incarcerated, so they respect her.

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  5. The Taming Of Tyler Kincaid (Mills & Boon Modern) (The Barons, Book 5).
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Penny has it in her head that Logan and Stacy really are in love, united by their shared grief over their fathers, and when Logan starts to believe Stacy when she says her father never killed his, he investigates and finds out she was right. Another enjoyable instalment in the Payne family series. FBI agent Joanna Rhodes was as beautiful and secretive as ever, but insisted on keeping their past—and their passion—where it belonged.

Ethan knew tracking an elusive killer through the mountains was their assignment, but his need for answers was as tempting as his urge to touch Joanna. Unfortunately, resisting both was crucial to surviving this mission. A mission that would determine how long Joanna stuck around once it was over…. Standalone or series: Book six of the Kenner County Crime Unit series, but can be read as a standalone.

Joanna Rhodes is a Native American woman who left the reservation she grew up on after her alcoholic parents were killed in a car crash and she was raped by a family friend, who was never brought to justice because his uncle was the sheriff at the time. She was in love with Ethan Bia, but his guilt at not being able to protect Joanna and her desperation to get away from the life she lived drove her off the reservation and eventually to DC, where she became an FBI agent. They eventually get their man — and each other. I adored Ethan. He was patient, gentle, and strong when he needed to be.

Having said that, it was still a good book that I whipped through. Title: Baby Bootcamp. Author: Mallory Kane. Even if it means compromising the mission…. Standalone or series: The second in the Daddy Corps series, but can be read as a standalone. The review: Oh boy. If he blushed once, he blushed twenty times in this book. You could almost have had a drinking game based on the number of times Matt blushed.

Matt felt like two separate characters — the hardened war veteran who could defend himself easily and take orders from superiors, and the bashful man who wanted to romance Faith. Their relationship seemed to oscillate a lot; one minute, Faith wanted Matt to stay near her and protect her, the next she was shooing him out the door. I have to wonder if she could physically have kept up the hours she was doing at her advanced stage, but Faith seemed to manage it okay.

Matt is undercover as a construction worker, trying to find out who is making threats against the Governor. I was like, how did we get to marriage so quickly? Faith never really showed Matt any inclination she was interested in a serious relationship; there was a lot of assumption on his part. Title: Takedown. But their chemistry was undeniable. Even if that entailed giving Jillian some very personal security…. Standalone or series: Part of The Precinct series, but can be read as a standalone. Jillian Masterson has a chequered past.

After losing her parents in a plane crash at sixteen, she turned to drugs and men who were not good for her to cope. Jillian is being stalked by someone who knows her very well and looks to be following her. When Michael finds out, she reluctantly accepts his help in finding out who this creep is. What was done nicely was the romance. Michael had not been in relationship since his wife died and Jillian was too busy with her sobriety and getting her degree to think about a relationship she was not emotionally ready for, so it was nice to see them both be willing to give it a chance.

They all work together to try and figure out who is stalking Jillian. Oh, and the cover? Title: Detective Daddy. But Detective Ash Kendall was determined to keep it together. And with someone desperate to keep the secrets of the Christmas Eve Murders hidden, Ash was the only man who could protect Rachel and her baby….

The detective in charge of the case, now Deputy Chief Charles Hammond, caught the killer and put him behind bars where he belongs. However, now that DNA testing is much further advanced than it was, the case is reopened. Ash finds out Rachel is pregnant with his child when she collapses and he takes her to hospital. His nickname around the precinct is Ashanova, and although she was warned by other women who came before her, Rachel thought she was different. They dated for four months and he took her to New Orleans for a romantic weekend away, but it turns out that Ash realised he felt differently about Rachel and it freaked him out, so he phased her out as he does all of the women he dates.

However, what neither of them knew is that Ash got Rachel pregnant that weekend. The release of Rick Campbell from prison after twenty years throws the Kendall family into a spin, because it means that not only did the wrong man go to prison, but the real killer is still out there. When Ash finds Rachel on the floor of her kitchen with a head wound and her placed tossed, he insists she stays with him until whomever is targeting her is caught.

Ash eventually admits he loves her and asks her to marry him, and they get their happily ever after. The only thing that bummed me out is that the identity of the real killer was never revealed…. Title: Pregnesia. Author: Carla Cassidy. Lucas made it clear he could be trusted, and vowed to protect her until she was safe. But before giving up on sex for a while, she needs that last fling. Only, when her injured grandfather asks for her help with his struggling Napa vineyard, her plan for Nooky Time is completely kiboshed….

She has never quite fit in at school…or at home.

But she could never have guessed the truth--that she is the daughter of a mythical faery king and is a pawn in a deadly war. His interest in her was purely professional Nash Kirkland had sought out Morgana Donovan, self-proclaimed witch, to help him research his latest screenplay. The hardheaded skeptic didn't believe for a minute she was what she professed to be, but Nash somehow found himself falling under her bewitching spell.

Nash had never trusted his feelings. How could he be sure the irresistible passion he felt was real and not just some conjurer's trick? Marketing exec Gabrielle Flannery isn't what you'd call the outdoorsy type. But after an embarrassing incident with a potted plant leaves Gabrielle revealing more leg than a Thanksgiving turkey, she decides it's time to reassert herself.

Even if it means going head-to-head with marketing golden boy and the office Hottie McHot, Dell Kingston, over an outdoor gear account. Investigator Drey St. John never dreamed helping the Braddocks discover the truth behind their father's fatal crash would lead to his own mother's shocking confession: Senator Braddock was Drey's biological father. Determined to solve the case, Drey enlisted all-work-and-no-play Charlene Anderson's help.

But the more time he spent with the beautiful forensic scientist, the more he realized their sharp banter fronted a simmering mutual attraction that wouldn't be denied. About to be executed for murder, Yelena is offered an extraordinary reprieve. She'll eat the best meals, have rooms in the palace, and risk assassination by anyone trying to kill the Commander of Ixia. And so Yelena chooses to become a food taster. Sheltered preacher's daughter Haley Foster ran away from her small town to do all the "bad" things she'd never done.

She soon found herself in a hotel room with U. Marshal Kevin Harmon. But her knight in shining armor showed no interest in teaching a disappointed Haley Lovemaking So Sophie knows it's not paranoia, or post-divorce, living-alone-again jitters, when she becomes convinced that a crazed reader is sneaking into her apartment to reenact scenes from her books. The police, however, can't tell a good plot from an unmarked grave.

But then Dena—best friend, bridesmaid and all-around vixen—is mysteriously shot just after the announcement. Leave this to the authorities? No way. Mitch Peabody was learning pretty fast that the life of a private detective was nothing like the movies.

Instead he saw case after case of cheating husbands, suspicious wives and unsuspecting mistresses…until she walked through the door. She plans to make her comeback by turning temporary DJ Charlie Tenniel into a household name. And if he's willing to help cure her breakup blues with a rebound fling, that's an added bonus.

Mystery writer and dabbling recreational sleuth Sophie Katz is head over heels in love--with a three-bedroom Victorian. She's just got to have it, despite a few drawbacks. Her slimy ex is the Realtor. The rich, creepy seller wants her to join San Francisco's spirited Specter Society. And her first tour of the house reveals, well, a lifeless body clutching a cameo with a disturbing history of its own. Sophie Katz's relationship with the irresistible and occasionally insufferable P.

Anatoly Darinsky is on the fritz when a friend recruits Sophie's investigation skills to decode her possibly two-timing husband's strange behavior. When Sophie shows up in a short, red cocktail dress and her friend's hubby winds up dead, the loveable would-be sleuth can't help but take on the job. The last time Sophie saw sexy P.

Anatoly Darinsky, he practically danced a jig when she waved goodbye; a normal reaction for a man who'd nearly bought the farm trying to protect her from her own foolishness. What are the chances he'd agree to take incriminating pictures of her sister's philandering husband? Or that he'd let her tag along, you know, for research? With meticulous career planning and a couple of dirty martinis, there is very little that New York City investment banker Vina Chopra can't do.

And now that she's decided to get serious about finding her mate, there is very little that Vina won't try, even if it means letting her parents get involved. After all, what does she have to lose? Her longest-term relationship thus far has been with the ulcer she ultimately named Fred unless you count the ex-boyfriend who won't go away.

When her boyfriend of three months, Tad Showers, proposes, year-old April thinks that everything in her life is finally falling into place. Between her flaky, tree-hugging mother and her she-devil boss, marriage seems like the place she'll find love and security. Tad's exactly the kind of man April wants: smart, ambitious, and wildly romantic. Broken, smashed, and stomped in the mud. That's how Charlotte Bell's heart ended up the last time she let her emotions heat up on a nanny assignment.

So taking a new position in frigid Iceland, working for Ambassador Edgar Rawlings, might be just what Charlotte needs in order to heal up and chill out. This time, she's determined to be intrepid and courageous. She's even read all 56 original Nancy Drew books in preparation. Karrie Kline had kissed her share of frogs. But when it came to finding her prince, her pond was dry. With disappointments ranging from a Colorado-bound Casanova to a lascivious lawyer she meets online, Karrie's frustration climbs so high, even dreams of meeting her match on her own reality show become a nightmare.

But she still has her tales. Claire Daniels is looking for love, even if she has to get it from her ex-boyfriend! But when she sees him on the last night of the year with another woman, she kisses the guy closest to her instead! Only, he doesn't want to stop at a kiss. Jake Stevens, star reporter and celebrated literary genius, is a snake.

How else to explain the way he turns Poppy Birmingham's hero worship into loathing with a single conversation? So what if she's got a lot to learn about journalism? Aren't they coworkers now? On the same team? After a rough childhood with a mother who liked her men in prison-jumpsuit orange, Jane changed her name, her look and her taste for bad boys. Cynthia D'Alba. Midnight Fever. Lisa Marie Rice. Texas Lightning.

Gerry Bartlett. Redemption Romantic Mystery Boxset. Bev Pettersen. Already Gone. Big Man Blue. Nicole R. Good Time Cowboy. Maisey Yates. Buried Lies. Shirleen Davies. A Standish Bay Romance Books Christine Donovan. Wild On You. Tina Wainscott. Cynthia Eden. Innocent Target.

(PDF) CRIME SCENE: AFRICA | Norbert Spehner -

Tempt the Flames. Marnee Blake. Unguarded Love. KaLyn Cooper. Naked Truth. Jamie K. In Shadows. Sharon Sala. Lynn Raye Harris. Romancing Justice. Kathy Zebert. Tasting Fire. Kelsey Browning. Serving Up Trouble. Jill Shalvis. Back To You. Kimberly Kincaid. High Tide. Sharon Hamilton. Juror No.

click Mallory Kane. The Rancher. Kate Pearce. Baytown Boys Box Set books Maryann Jordan. One Shot. Midnight Renegade.

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Bad to the Bone. Roxanne St. Protecting Piper. Only For Me.

Deadly Force (Mills & Boon Intrigue) (The Detectives, Book 1) Deadly Force (Mills & Boon Intrigue) (The Detectives, Book 1)
Deadly Force (Mills & Boon Intrigue) (The Detectives, Book 1) Deadly Force (Mills & Boon Intrigue) (The Detectives, Book 1)
Deadly Force (Mills & Boon Intrigue) (The Detectives, Book 1) Deadly Force (Mills & Boon Intrigue) (The Detectives, Book 1)
Deadly Force (Mills & Boon Intrigue) (The Detectives, Book 1) Deadly Force (Mills & Boon Intrigue) (The Detectives, Book 1)
Deadly Force (Mills & Boon Intrigue) (The Detectives, Book 1) Deadly Force (Mills & Boon Intrigue) (The Detectives, Book 1)
Deadly Force (Mills & Boon Intrigue) (The Detectives, Book 1) Deadly Force (Mills & Boon Intrigue) (The Detectives, Book 1)

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