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The researchers point out that this estimate is probably on the low side; many people leave their childhood religions, only to return to them later in life.

Switching is most prevalent in Christian denominations; members of most religious minority groups are far more likely to keep their faith as they age. Among those surveyed, 80 percent of Hindus and roughly three-quarters of Muslims and Jews still identify with their childhood religions. Baby Buddhists, on the other hand, are very likely to grow up to become religiously unaffiliated—this was true of 40 percent of those surveyed. In certain church communities, the numbers looked different, though: Only 59 percent of those raised Catholic, for example, identify with Catholicism as adults.

Notably, 10 percent of those who left the Church became evangelical, while 20 percent left Christianity altogether.

Roughly a quarter of those who were Orthodox Christians or mainline Protestants as children became religiously unaffiliated as adults, with many others joining different Christian denominations. Perhaps people feel less pressure to stick with the religions into which they were born because they have more access to information about other faiths; perhaps the slowly growing presence of atheism in American culture has prompted more people to think critically about their beliefs, whether for God or against. These are only educated guesses; this survey largely covers the what of American religion, not the why.

Researchers can tell one thing from the data, though: People may be more willing to tolerate religious differences in their relationships than they have in the past—or they may be less willing to change their faiths for a romantic partner. Among those who took their vows within the last half decade, only 61 percent married someone who shared their religion.

The Strangeness of the Gospel

Again: Not everyone in America is ditching religion, but people are finding more and more flexibility in the institutions that once reinforced steady religious practice, like marriage. Predictably, much of this movement in religious belief and practice has been happening among Millennials.

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More than a third of those aged 18 to 33 are religiously unaffiliated, and that proportion is even greater for the younger half of that cohort. Yet the researchers make it clear that changes in American religion are happening across demographic groups. But the best of our actual knowledge of Celtic or Druidic belief makes up only a small part of the modern Celtic belief structure.

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  8. The vast majority of it was just kind of Including that bit about Stonehenge, which we now know was built some 2, years before the Druids were even a thing. It's not uncommon for ancient or medieval nations to position the monarch as some sort of divinity. Such was the case in Japan for most of the time when it had an emperor. After surrendering Japan to the United States, Emperor Hirohito signed the Humanity Declaration, stating that he had never been an arahitogami , and had simply inherited his title through family lineage.

    This was a critical step toward moving moving Japan out of its Imperial Age and into the modern age of democratic rule. By explicitly renouncing his divine status and thus the divine status of all future emperors , Hirohito was no longer an imperial sovereign, but a constitutional monarch similar to the secular royalty of Great Britain or Canada.

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    This dead religion is incredibly interesting mostly because it isn't exactly "dead. Mithras was a very popular god worshipped by Romans during the 1st to 4th Century BC, during the initial formation of Christianity. Mithras was a demi-god who was born of a virgin on December 25th. He was a great teacher who traveled the land spreading wisdom, had 12 disciples, and was identified with both the lion and the lamb. Mithras was even buried in a tomb, and resurrected after three days.

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    The Romans celebrated his resurrection on the feast day of the female goddess of fertility. Because Mithras himself was based entirely on the Egyptian demi-god Horus. Every single thing said here applies as much to Horus as Mithras and Jesus. Care to guess Horus's birthday?

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