Changing of the Gods

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Changing Of The Gods

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The Changing Of The Gods | Ohbliv

Interpreting it in this way might not be exactly right, but it helped me understand the concept of what the god Siva means to the religion. Siva is depicted in the image below; he always has a third eye to represent his wisdom and source of power, a cobra around his neck to demonstrate his power over dangerous creatures, and a trident to represent the three functions of the triumvirate BBC.

Although I only talked about two gods, following the gods and goddesses allowed me to draw connection to my culture, which helped me interpret and better understand Hinduism. Gods and goddesses play a crucial role in Hinduism and being able to understand what they represent and what their role is, helped tremendously.

Jayaram, V. BBC, Aug.

Though I spent a lot of time when I was younger learning about Hindu traditions, I never actually learned about the history of the religion. I always just assumed that there were multiple gods and I was never made aware of the fact that initially there was one, and from this the religion evolved and eventually multiple other gods followed. I also found your interpretation of Siva particularly interesting because it was an entirely new way to think about this aside from what I already knew.

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It is a mystical religion, leading the devotee to personally experience the Truth within, finally reaching the peak of consciousness where man and God are one. Also, as a Catholic since I was born and a Catholic who has grown up in all Catholic family, it was very new to me that there are four main denominations such as Saivism, Shaktism, Vaishnavism and Smartism.

Changing of the Gods

Hindus all worship one Supreme Being, but by different names, and as you mentioned two examples out of four, Lord Visnu is God for Vaishnavites, and God is Siva for Saivites. I found an educational website that clearly explains the Hindu traditions, and I think it might be a good resource for us! You have said that as the people evolved so did the religions of the area. Since Western influence has mainly come from people practicing monotheistic religions, do you think this had a major effect on the evolution of the Gods?

John Cleese on society, creativity, and his new film project "Changing of the Gods"

Or do you think that the influence came from more localized monotheistic religions Islam? Do you think their would be the same transformation if there was no Western influence during this time period?

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What about if there was Islamic influence but no Western influence? Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. REL Religion in the Himalayas. Skip to content.

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Changing of the Gods Changing of the Gods
Changing of the Gods Changing of the Gods
Changing of the Gods Changing of the Gods
Changing of the Gods Changing of the Gods
Changing of the Gods Changing of the Gods

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