Bugging In: How to Hunker Down and Survive in an Emergency Situation (Stay Alive Book 3)

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Or check out our ebook bundle. Buy Book. The longer you wait to leave, the slimmer your chances are of survival. No one wants to feel like they are overreacting. Emotions can get the better of us and we make bad decisions in the face of danger. That way you will be able to take action right away instead of waiting too long to flee.

This one absolutely breaks my heart, because I can relate. I love my home and community. It would be hard for me to leave, even if I knew that a disaster was approaching. However, I also know that it is important to put sentimentality aside so we can make rational decisions in the face of disaster. Overcoming sentimentality is probably a lot harder than we want to believe. They talk about how, even with an evacuation order in place, many people choose to stay in the wake of hurricane Katrina.

Before dying of asphyxiation from the blast, he told reporters:. We loved it. I understand Truman: His wife and daughter were both deceased. I hopefully have a lot of life ahead of me to live. I owe it to them — and myself — to put aside my sentimental attachments to my home and GO before it is too late. The prepping and survival community is filled with machoism. Machoism is overly aggressive, assertive, and prideful. It is EGO and it will get in the way of survival! Macho people would rather give up their lives than their supplies!

Recommended Reading: Home Security. No successful revolution was ever waged by one person gunning down officers at the door. The people who survived and won were the ones who hid, laid low, and waited for the right moment to come out of the shadows. The ultimate survival skill is not knowing how to start a fire , or how to purify water , or even how to treat wounds.

Creative people are the ones who will look at an abandoned soda can and realize that it can be turned into a stove, and that the tab can be used as a fishing hook. They are the ones who will turn a crayon into a candle, or use a plastic bottle to make rope. True — some people are naturally more creative than others.

However, there are some exercises you can do to encourage creativity. The ability to stay calm during a disaster is key to survival. By default, preppers are going to be less likely to panic than the general public because they have accepted that there are risks and likely have a disaster plan in place.

Staying calm is a skill which must be developed. I recommend trying these exercises which build mental toughness. For example, try going camping with just the items in your Bug Out Bag. But you will gain knowledge about how to better prepare so you can survive. What other types of people do you think will get killed first when SHTF? What personality traits will keep you alive? Check out our Ebook bundle. Nine titles packed full of premium prepper information.

Instant download - print off for use when the grid goes down. Learn More. Disclaimer: This website and the material covered is for informational purposes only. We take no responsibility for what you do with this knowledge. Full disclaimers here. I think preparedness is an essential skill everyone must have because it will actually help you predict things and even prevent worse things to happen. I love this post keep this up! You should have three days worth of food in your bug out bag, Bill.

It may take you longer than that just to get out of the area in a real bad situation. Granted: It might be lean, but dealing with functioning on a low calorie diet for three days will be awesome mental practice. Practicing hunting in your bug out location is a great idea, though.

Just make it a photo-safari. See how close you can get to what kind of animals before you snap the picture. It will give a purpose to the camping trip, let you learn the lay of the land, and learn what animals live in your haven and where they are. Wild hogs are an option, too. I agree with you. I have a 17 year old grandson who knows all there is to know about everything.

I simply cannot being that smart many decades ago at 17, 18 or even Water will be contaminated and so will the air. You can have ten years worth of food and water stashed away, but what will you do for air? Not much you can do if the situation is not survivable. We prepare for the most likely scenarios and hope for the best.

I was talking to a lady who said her 17 year old son avid prepper ran drills for the family. I asked her about fresh water. She said her son was going to head for the local lake. I had a similar conversation with my grandson who was going to live off the land. I told him to run the numbers. All of the locals in the area would have the same idea.

That is 10, people trying to live off of roughly 50 square miles. Agriculture was what enabled cities in the first place. The peace love and happinees, ill let everyone in hippies will die quick, thier letting a coyote into a henhouse and dont even know it. Will we need trade? Sure but not off the flip. That needs to be parcticed as well. Primal Surviver, I believe being in a group will be the safest and If possible could you please do an article on safety practices for women preppers on how to stay safe and secure to avoid kidnapping, rape, etc, situations a woman may face.

Also some good stuff on self defense coming up use the search bar and you will find several articles. I would add the types who mentally-model TEOLAWKI based on what happens during a natural disaster like a hurricane or an earthquake, or for that matter, based on a Hollywood-type disaster movie. Namely, they plan on evacuating at the height of a crisis situation already not a great idea to their cabin in the mountains where there is no arable ground to cultivate , as if they can just wait it out, and then life will be back to normal once the clean-up crews are finished.

They sort of assume the economy starts functioning again promptly, like it does after a LOCAL disaster. I suspect the very first people to die, even before any of the others already mentioned, are the ones who have psychological not to mention physical dependencies on fragile systems. Our church promotes healthy living. Some drink reverse osmosis water, and they usually run it through a distillation system too. I drink tap water and sometimes spring bottled water like in a strange city. One guy at church wanted to sell us a reverse osmosis system and analysed our water to show us his system was better than tap water.

When he showed us the result, he was stunned when we said we wanted all that, for the immune system. Every one of you some how in some way sound just like one of the types of people on this list. Why do you think the events happen. What if god himself says well time to start over and sends a meteor the size of the U. S towards earth. What about a global nuclear fall out? Do you have radiation protection? Are you prepped for those events? Some of you have under ground bunkers! What about flooding? Timothy — that is one way to look at things but around here we like to take sensible, rational and practical steps to increase our chances.

Of course if a cataclysmic event were to happen it would all be for nothing but many other scenarios are more likely and certainly survivable with the right preps and mindset. I have also mentioned these various types of disasters. Its best to plan for anything. So stock up on all of those supplies as much as you can.

See bad ass that was an invitation to kick your ass.

When the Power Grid Fails – 12 Things You Need to Prepare [12222]

What a mess. There are many preparedness and survival minded people who truly have no choice but to hunker down. This could be due to physical limitations, ill family members, or, like tens of millions of Americans, they have no money at all to make a move from where they are. This is a no kidder, today I just finished dehydrating enough food to fill nine five gallon buckets for a lady with MS. The food is in the mylar now with oxygen absorbers, and the buckets are ready for storage. While her full grown children just sit and stare at Netflex, while refusing to lift a finger to help her.

I have no intentions whatsoever of charging her for my time, electricity, or wear on my equipment. So why help: At least I can say I tried. There is one more thing though. Thanks for your website and God bless. I agree with you Mom. There was a time when I had all those plans made and thankfully I never had to act on them but with my 68th birthday coming up soon those plans are no longer applicable. We have a secure bug out location about an hour away and if I can make it there; fine, if not I can dig in here.

There were plenty of people who survived the bombing of Berlin, the battles in Bosnia, and similar urban scenarios. I encourage people to prepare as best they can, link up with others, and not give up hope. The article mentions that we should not reveal to anyone that we are prepping. How do we find like-minded folks to form a group of protection if we are not to reveal our prepping plans?

No one is going to survive completely on their own. Bugging in can be a death sentence, as fixed positions can always be ground down by a seige. Name your poision…. I believe that all any of us can do is pray that we make the best decisions when the time comes, and then be at peace with the results and consequences. But i can say this. My degree is in History and the history of history is war, war, war. Nothing good has ever happened to the civilians domiciled in the cities and towns. The German Civilians were bombed into oblivion, suffering unspeakable tragedies.

Hamburg and Dresden to name too. But buried deep in history are those few that chose to bug out to an undisclosed location known only to them and most survived. Difficult indeed, but they did survive. Refugees walk the roads, and you are correct, being a refugee is not the way to go, but bugging in is suicide. History proves that point. God bless and thanks. Most of us will be forced into uneasy alliances. Most raiders will avoid direct conftontations. They are more likely to try to pick off individuals iether alone or in small groups. You are all giving many good ideas to consider.

No one knows everything, and no set of tactics works every time and everywhere, but having lived through several urban riots and numerous combat zone deployments, I recommend that you hunker down for the first days of any major civil unrest, then consider going mobile, depending on your appraisal of the continuing or increasing threat. I recommend the above because in most situations, the major intensity of the destruction, looting, etc. Using either railroad ties or masonry to keep about 2 feet of soil against your exterior walls will stop bullets, giving you protected areas inside your home where you can sleep.

I especially suggest you do this around the outside of a bathroom area. Plant something like strawberries, carrots, potatoes, spinach, herbs, etc, that will grow year round. It is not that difficult to find former military or police buddies. Some women are better at this stuff than some men. Go shooting together. Practice survival skills. Develop written contingency plans, maps of escape routes, rally points, and critical infra-structure, especially water.

If you are not former military get a US Army Ranger manual and start practicing. Attend survival courses, shooting courses, etc. They are fun for the whole family. A few days of desert or winter survival training is an amazing, life-changing experience. Those are all very good suggestions and I appreciate your perspective.

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Especially your mention of family. I agree. Even preppers who are working toward this goal have a hard time finding people with whom they are truly compatible. It takes a long time to build trust. Surely those of us with sport pilot licenses or those who are ultralight pilots don't require a license should be able to escape a containment area fairly easily. Air space might be restricted, especially if there's a military presence.

Certainly if it's nationwide. It may be possible to bug out by air, even if they close the airspace. But keep in mind how far the sound of an engine carries, and how far away others can see you. If they close the airspace, you will have to avoid being seen by whoever declared it closed, which means flying low and slow. That's dangerous even in clear skies with the grid up. With the grid down you may lose navigational gear, you will have a limited fuel supply, unless you have military experience you certainly won't have practiced this kind of flying, and there is a possibility of drawing ground fire.

You should also remember that when you are landing, it may be as little as a few minutes before people show up to find out why you chose to land "there. People have to consider their personal situation, balance out the pros and cons, and make their own decision. Are you stockpiling fuel? Protected how?

How do you get to your airfield? How do you prevent an enemy drone from taking you down? What about your enemy having shoulder-launched RPGs? Jojo, for long term survival in a worst case scenario, there are no easy answers. I think the advantage of prepping, any type of prepping, is that it will buy time until the initial chaos dies down. At that point, groups and communities will have to figure out how best to come together in order to survive.

At any given moment, post-SHTF, there will be a million different variables and life will be completely unpredictable. A scenario as you describe, an airplane being shot down, could happen — and then again, it might not. Too many variables to know anything for sure at this point. Dang, that scared me. The strategic annihilation of innocent people shocks me, even though I realize that it will be a reality in certain situations.

I still have a very hard time coming to grips with it or hearing it. It gives me daymares. A lot of preppers don't want to hear it, but in this type of SHTF situation you really do need the resources of a reasonable-sized community. And even then, with structured organization and disciplined defensive capabilities, you may still come out on the losing side. But hopefully, the threat of getting whacked themselves might make the attackers look for a softer target. THAT is the best that could happen — they move on. So it makes sense to continue working on your friends and neighbors to get with the program, so they're part of the solution and not part of the problem.

Good luck, I know from experience it isn't easy. But at least the news from Europe the past few days has shaken things up a bit, so a lot more folks are getting nervous and are willing to entertain notions that even 6 months ago would have made them think you're a nutcase. Hell, I live in Victoria, Texas and no one in my subdivision is prepping but me. Absolutely no one. Anyone I bring in is just another mouth to feed. One of my neighbors has, since birth, been plagued with frail health.

Yet, nothing would do her but to have another child against all warnings from her doctor. Now we have a new born in an incubator, a mother in ICU that will probably not live. Where to from here! As a believer in Christ, how can I possibly walk away and leave a newborn that through no fault of its own was born to parents that were so dismally stupid as to not save up one gallon of water for shft. It is beyond insanity. Is this suicidal insanity prevalent in every state or is just Texas?

I either give to kids that were born to parents that have the self preservation mentality of one cell animals, or I leave them to their own fate, and condemn my soul. How do you know no one else in your subdivision is prepping? If they have sense then they do not share the fact that they are prepped for a disaster.

What To Expect When You're Expecting The Collapse Of Society As We Know It

I look completely like the typical suburban mom, running her kids to their sporting events and classes, bicycling around town in yoga pants, LOL, etc. We are so unprepared for situations like this. Great post, though, food for thought… and action. I think a lot of preppers survivalist have a pretty idealist about what the collapse of society may bring — a return to rugged independence, not having to slave away in a cubicle but rather spend our days hunting the pristine land and gathering from nature's abundance.

Look at Baltimore and Ferguson, and keep in mind that these people were not having any trouble having their basic needs met. Hell, the cable was still on. I too wonder how to find like minded people in my neighborhood without sounding like the crazy one. And I thought of this: there are lots of people near me who raise chickens, grow large gardens, do rainwater harvesting, can fruit and veggies, and who are savers and thrifters, etc. I'm going to talk to them one at a time, and ask what their motivation was to do x, y or z. I just learned a friend of mine is a prepper when she was talking about buying land up north on a lake because people who live near water will be the ones to survive….

Then say "aren't you glad we have an extra stash? My husband was the same way. For years he thought that I was being over reactive and crazy. He is now the one pushing me to be more prepared and even finds things that I never thought of. It took about 7 years but he did come around.

You might be surprised if you think 'bad guys' will be the only ones armed and prepared to defend their homes and families. I intend to be better armed than the gangs, and I hit what I aim at. My wife finally told me she needed a gun. The trouble is there will be so many targets, and targets with nothing left to live for, that one of them is going to get us. Now, tell me how to change the outcome, not just improve the odds. Allow this one example. Chu Lai: An entire company of Marines wiped out to the last man. All good shots, all well equipped, all dead, because there were far too many targets coming much to quickly to deal with and survive.

Best wishes. There is some really good advice here, lots to think about. We are fairly well prepped in my family, and have three closely located family houses in a semi-remote location. We are well armed and can all shoot. However, as well as we have tried, the fact that we are prepared is not a well kept secret. The main enemy to secrecy has been the desire to help others prepare, which of course reveals your own resources and efforts.

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The one scenario I fear the most, which I have not seen covered much, is the kidnap invasion. A person that knows you have food, firearms, etc. All of a sudden, your safe combination, your stores of all kinds, possibly even the ownership of your "fort" change hands without a single shot being fired. Out in these remote locations, a sniper with a rifle in your treeline could also end your survival without endangering himself.

Pick off the occupants as they show themselves. What is the defense to that? We cannot get the law to respond to problems now, so in a breakdown we would be entirely on our own. Having alert dogs with good senses, and patrolling the area might be the best we could do aside from serious prayer. Please people, take heed. We need as many functioning and self-sufficient groups to out number the marauders. Me and mine can disappear in the hills and hollows of the Ozarks. There is plenty of deer, turkey, fish, wood, caves and caverns.

It won't be easy, but it is doable. The most important thing at the end of the day is, there are more of us than them. God Speed. I am a bad ass saxy prepper. During the s depression, game was hunted to extinction in many areas. There are deer all over the place, but only because they can feed on the crops intended for humans. Spot on Hillbilly: I read an article by the Texas Game and Fish Commission that by , eleven years into the Great Depression, that they estimated there were less than deer remaining in the entirety of the State of Texas.

The rivers and streams were fished out, dove, quail, turkey, squirrels, rabbits, and other game were virtually non existent. Do you happen to remember where you read it? Sure, give a thug a gun and maybe he can manage to shoot something big, maybe, but being able to butcher the animal and know what pats to eat? Hunting, like gardening, a lot harder than most people realize!

I have read the stats on deer population during the depression etc. I subscribe to Off The Grid News. I read those stats on the deer etc. Try there and use keywords like hunting, depression. I have a lot of them and they cover everything from ammunition, to going off grid, uses for hydrogen peroxide, keeping things cold when there is no electricity, becoming an expatriate, etc. They will kill anything they are able to kill, and scare the rest into hiding. Much of what IS killed will be wasted. How many people can eat from one cow or deer?

Few people are presently able to preserve the rest without refridgeration. It was the same situation in Georgia during the depression. This article is so disheartening — it's just one of those bare faced slaps on the face that wake you up from your regular rhythm of life and peek into the dark abyss of what can happen.

And it is a reality, all that food and water we've saved up is not going to be enough in a SHTF situation when the gangs come through the neighborhoods. One will need a small arsenal of guns and skilled shooters to fend off the ruthless. It's a soft, easy life. No one is really ready for something like this. I read all of those fiction survivor books and I know that it is fiction, but the possible reality of those scenes play in my head daily. Has the possibility of such a scenario as described in the article caused any other reader acute anxiety?

I have trouble sleeping these days, not from my lack of preparedness, but what are we going to do with the hoards of people who are not prepared? My family forbids me from talking up survival with the neighbors for fear they will view me as crazy. Neighborhoods aren't the same anymore.

We know the people on each side of us, but that's it. People don't sit out on the front porch in rocking chairs here saying howdy to the folks as they stroll by on their nightly walk. People work here in order to be able to live here. It's not cheap.


It's a unique existence. We have the APEC meeting here this week. There's no where to run here. Hey Lisa, this just in, an IRS employee told me they're getting memos advising them to stock up and be prepared for an emergency. She didn't want to elaborate, and she looked scared. This is getting very serious indeed. Someone on Twitter who says he works in the administration section of a major hospital recently told me they got an email from senior management advising all employees to have BOB's setup!

All these tidbits of news, from different sources, all have a common denominator. Just today I was thinkin', it's been a long time since I was so happy I had to look down to see cloud 9. Looks like another busy weekend of prepping…sighhhh. A friend of mine is going through chemotherapy and can't find her chemo drug. There's a huge shortage of chemo drugs and life sustaining drugs!!! Where's it all going? Is someone BIG out there stockpiling? I'm inclined to think that such Mad Max scenarios call for prayer more than prepping.

The only scenario I can conceive that could have such a heinous nationwide impact would be an EMP that ruined the power grid across the entire country. Or some species extinction-level event like the asteroid that extinguished the dinosaurs. I live in Washington, D. There is no preparing for it, unless you can commandeer a remote island somewhere and live off seafood and coconuts.

If civilization broke down to such a degree then nearly all of us, our friends and family, will be going the way of Tyrannosaurus Rex — either by starvation, disease or violence. That's why I commiserated with the wife in "The Road. As for IRS employees being instructed to have BOBs, that is probably related to the recently announced Office of Personnel Management policy that federal employees will not automatically be dismissed early in the event of a snowstorm or other event — that is to alleviate traffic jams, especially around the DC area.

Instructing federal employees to also have BOBs in their office or vehicle is long overdue and would be useful the next time the mid-Atlantic gets a few inches of snow. Hi Dagny! We have missed seeing you around here! This post may be removed from a family-oriented site such as thesurvivalmom, but I'm going to say it anyway. We need to prepare other ways to eliminate the enemy. I would have no compunction about using chemical or biological weapons against anyone trying to kill my family.

If defenses fail and I am killed, I still want to take out the enemy. Certain highly desirable food items in my pantry are poisoned for this purpose. The looters may take my oats, but they'll die when they eat them. When looters attack my family in a manner that totally disregards all civilized behavior, that person is saying they want a world with no rules. Okay, fine by me. That's a game two can play.

If we are to survive, we must be capable of becoming more evil than our attackers. I hope no one in your family gets the munchies for any of the "certain highly desirable food items" in your pantry. If I ever forgot that I'd laced the Thin Mints with arsenic…. That was my same thought. While I harbor similar sentiments, let play this out some. If they cannot surprise you and bust down the door. There will be a fire fight.

And unless you have sand bags to hide behind. They can Swiss cheese your house and you, or smoke or firebomb it, trying to force you out. If you have a slab, sorry.

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  • You may lose the house but keep you and your family alive and save the food. Think outside the box to survive. And WROL, you can set up defense that wouldn't fly in this litigious society. To maximize your chances. You should consider how and where an attack might come. Fishing line and bunches of cans are super cheap and can be made into an early warning system in millions of ways.

    Adding fish hooks is probably illegal with today's laws. But if some would be attacker stumbles into some fishing line with hooks and cans in the middle of the night…. You have the smarts and the time to prepare to maximize your chances of living. Don't think about some risky poison pill option. I don't think it's coincidenince that all of a sudden in the past years there have been all sorts of public announcements about having BOB's and 3-days of supplies on hand. But events like that are years old. Granted it takes time for the wheels of gov to work.

    But I don't buy coincidences.

    modernpsychtraining.com/cache/text/lexi-cell-phone-hangouts.php So I have to ask, since I'm a fairly new prepper — How do those of you who are Christian preppers reconcile the whole "get a gun and be prepared to use it on the invaders" mentality with the Bible? Specifically troublesome for me is Matthew It says a lot, but my particular sticking point is "Do not resist one who is evil. Not just don't retaliate, but don't even resist… But if anyone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also" and towards the end there "if any one forces you to go one mile, go with him two miles.

    I want to have a weapon to acquire meat if things do go south, but I am afraid that I would then be caught in a bad situation if there were to be invaders. Don't the experts say you shouldn't have a weapon if you are unprepared to use it? I'm not trying to be confrontational and I sincerely hope no one feels offended by my questions. Just hoping to get some wisdom from you folks!

    If someone takes that particular verse to mean they must turn away when watching their daughter being gang raped, their home robbed before their very eyes, or their own life taken, then I'm not sure what to say. I don't believe that's the intent of the verse. Jesus was speaking to His disciples at this time, and He wasn't talking about the town bully or someone attacking your family. What this means is that if the disciples offend someone with their teaching of the Word, and that person reaches out and strikes them because they are offended by the truth, then the Disciples should take it all in stride and not retaliate.

    There are many areas in scripture where you are to defend yourself, retaliate in kind and etc. Example: Thou shalt not kill. That was originally the Hebrew word "ratsach", which in that context of the scripture could be worded as, Thou Shalt not Murder. Hope that eases your mind. If that is a sin then I as Christ to forgive me. I think it's a great post. My biggest concern is exactly what kind of disaster is most likely to happen. Coming from someone whose been there and seen it I'm getting real time information.

    I can tell you, the stores are empty before the storms even hit. With no power there was no gasoline, therefore no shipments came in to replenish the stores until well after the storms. Desperate people formed lines in front of churches the day after the storms, looking for water, food, diapers and formula. It was sickening.

    Why Does The Grid Go Down?

    Can you imagine those people after a week, 2 weeks, a month? The article is scary to be sure and realistic,have talked to a few close friends,safty in numbers,but all i can do is my best and pray its enough,as im positive its coming and fast. I will defend my family to the death no doubt,the movie ,,,the road,,,,is a must watch,good luck to all going to be a white nuckle ride.

    This is a very interesting article. No matter how well prepared you are for any situation, chance is still in play. My entire family is disabled in some way. Because people are people and people are animals when pushed beyond their breaking points. Somethings really are worse than death. My son is Autistic, I have severe RA. The most dangerous and cruel animal on Earth is man. Be prepared for that. This reminds me of Walking Dead. I watch shows and movies like Walking Dead, The Road…..

    I may be idealistic but I believe that their are far more good people out there who will band together to get through whatever comes than evil people. My hope is that people will band together to care for the group as a whole. The children, elderly, weak, and disabled. You can make tough decisions and that is very admirable.

    If you are ever in Victoria, Tx. God bless you lady, you are one of a kind. Blessings always. Keep up the preperation ,especially small well organised groups ,remenber even in normal times police and emergency services have great difficulty keeping order ,example Katrina,Los Angeles riots In a genuine crisis those same friends and neighbours can be a great resource ,i Have sufficent funds for spare food medicine and fire arms. Some of my neighbours are ex Military like myself ,these men and women are a great potential escource.

    Bugging In: How to Hunker Down and Survive in an Emergency Situation (Stay Alive Book 3) Bugging In: How to Hunker Down and Survive in an Emergency Situation (Stay Alive Book 3)
    Bugging In: How to Hunker Down and Survive in an Emergency Situation (Stay Alive Book 3) Bugging In: How to Hunker Down and Survive in an Emergency Situation (Stay Alive Book 3)
    Bugging In: How to Hunker Down and Survive in an Emergency Situation (Stay Alive Book 3) Bugging In: How to Hunker Down and Survive in an Emergency Situation (Stay Alive Book 3)
    Bugging In: How to Hunker Down and Survive in an Emergency Situation (Stay Alive Book 3) Bugging In: How to Hunker Down and Survive in an Emergency Situation (Stay Alive Book 3)
    Bugging In: How to Hunker Down and Survive in an Emergency Situation (Stay Alive Book 3) Bugging In: How to Hunker Down and Survive in an Emergency Situation (Stay Alive Book 3)
    Bugging In: How to Hunker Down and Survive in an Emergency Situation (Stay Alive Book 3) Bugging In: How to Hunker Down and Survive in an Emergency Situation (Stay Alive Book 3)
    Bugging In: How to Hunker Down and Survive in an Emergency Situation (Stay Alive Book 3) Bugging In: How to Hunker Down and Survive in an Emergency Situation (Stay Alive Book 3)

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