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Children and Youth differ from adults in some important aspects, although their migration experiences are similar: In what respects are the theories and claims about adult migration applicable to children, and vice-versa?

The Migration experiences of Children and Youth: Are child and youth experiences and perceptions of migration special, and different from adults, and do these justify special treatment? Do individual states have obligations towards migrating Children and Youth, especially when it comes to socio-cultural integration, citizenship or access to education and health care?

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Is Youth and Child migration also a problem for global justice, and, if it is, how does, and should social, as well as legal justice matters impact the migration of Children and Youth? Youth and Child migration is closely connected to a vast range of injustices: war, poverty, exploitation, desertification, social discrimination, and even persecution and expulsion.

What are the most significant factors that impact the migration of Children and Youth, and how could caring communities cater for them, in both their home and host countries? Also, how do national and international organisations deal with those children who are unable to migrate in their searches for better lives and living conditions, and remain stuck in their conditions of threat, insecurity, and deprivation?

African Communitarian thinking and child, and youth migration: Are there any social systems, and actual social interventions evidence with regard to this focus, and if there are, how do they function, how could they be enhanced, and augmented? Papers addressing the role of African languages in higher education curriculum, language as a pedagogy, cognitive development and linguistic incarceration, development of human language technologies in African languages, intellectualization through terminology development, language policy, linguistic rights and corpus planning are particularly sought.

This Special Issue aims to showcase recent research advances in the development of African languages as the kernel of the academy in addressing national imperatives such as transformation, decoloniality, epistemic access and student success in higher education, and social cohesion. Religion and Gullibility in Zimbabwe Gullibility is not a unique phenomenon to religion.

It appears in almost all social institutions including relationships, academia, finance, science, politics and war and justice especially criminal justice.

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Zimbabwe has not been spared of religious gullibility and what baffles the mind is that when the law is expected to take its course, it is either silent or it is found wanting on matters involving religious gullibility. Ironically, in academic circles in Zimbabwe in particular, there has not been sufficient exploration of this subject.

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Nobles, Lesiba Baloyi, Tholene Sodi. Tony Jackson.

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The most profound question is what triggers Dative Alternation. Different approaches to answer this questions are:. Old- and New-Information. This term replaces the earlier terms dative movement or dative shift , which assume a transformational account.

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PP NP structures though regarded as ungrammatically can seldom be found. Research The most profound question is what triggers Dative Alternation.

Alternation Alternation
Alternation Alternation
Alternation Alternation
Alternation Alternation
Alternation Alternation
Alternation Alternation
Alternation Alternation
Alternation Alternation

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