After Five: Whats Another Dog?

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Nothing could be further from the truth. Each dog will need individual training and exercise particularly if either one lacks leash manners before they can be trained together. For example, if you have two dogs, you will have three training processes — training each dog separately, then training both dogs together.

If you had one dog, you only go through the process once. Also, your dogs should get special, individual time with you. I always tell my clients to be fairly certain they are happy with the behavior of the resident dog s before introducing a new dog. If you are working through training challenges with your dog, introducing a new dog with her own needs can leave you feeling overwhelmed. I have, however, seen dogs learn obnoxious behaviors like inappropriate barking , cat chasing and counter surfing from their canine companions.

Generally, a second dog of the opposite sex is a good idea for most families. Occasionally, I see clients who are hell-bent on introducing a new dog to the home and, unfortunately, the first dog does not enjoy the company of other dogs at all. Whenever possible, I try to talk these folks out of signing themselves up for a decade or better of trying desperately to cram square pegs into round holes — or the other, more common result, where one dog finds herself homeless.

Sometimes I am successful, sometimes not. While you may be attracted to the look of a Chihuahua , your Mastiff may prefer the company of other big dogs.

Dog Growling: 5 Steps to Try - Whole Dog Journal

Being jumped on or constantly solicited for play may be painful and stressful for your older dog, who might just prefer to relax alone — or in the company of another low-key dog. How you introduce a second dog to your resident dog is of the utmost importance. Introducing a new dog to your resident dog correctly is very important. Some breeders and rescue organizations have staff experienced in canine social interactions and body language, who can help make the introduction as low-stress as possible. If this is not an option, you may want to consider scouting out a local trainer to facilitate the introductions.

Two dogs may be three times the work of one, but they can also be times the fun. Few things make me as happy as watching my dogs really enjoy playing. If your dog enjoys the company of other dogs, the thought and planning you put into introducing a new dog to your family will pay off in the joy! Tell us: Have you ever introduced a second dog into your household?

Tell us how it went in the comments! Lynn M. Arden Moore. Jackie Brown. We really get tired of throwing a ball and running around. Lol Thank you so much! It may also not be a good idea to get a puppy if your current dog is under a year. With Rain, since at the time she was a rambunctious 3.

A good way to judge what size to get is to observe how your dog interacts with other dogs. Small dogs can be intimidated by large dogs, and vice versa. You may even be able to get an idea of what types of breeds your dog likes. We knew from watching Rain that she liked american bulldogs, huskies, and labs.

They typically had the same play style and energy that she has. Because of this, we searched for another large breed dog. Again, you can get a good idea of what type of breed will compliment your current dog by observing how your dog interacts with other dogs.

For example, if your dog is a couch potato, a boarder collie may not be the best fit for your family. On the other hand, if your dog is high energy and you get a second high energy dog, you may just end up with two crazy dogs running around your house. Finding that balance is key.

Try not to get too hung up on the breed. Remember when Dalmatians came out? People went out and bought Dalmatians even though they didn't fit their family dynamic. Many were surrendered to animal shelters that year. Sometimes you fall in love with a particular breed, but it doesn't mean it's the right fit long term.

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Robert Crawley's Dogs

If you are interested in a particular type of dog, speak to a breeder or someone from your local shelter. If it's not the right fit they may be able to direct you to a dog that would be. With Rain, as I mentioned in a previous Instructable , she used to have a lot of anxiety issues.

Because of this we knew that our new dog needed to be incredibly easy going, happy to meet new people, and playful.

Rain is high energy, so we wanted a dog that could keep up with her, but also enjoyed his down-time, so we were looking for a medium energy dog. Someone in our neighbourhood was looking to find a permanent home for a 9-week husky-shepherd mix. We were honest about Rain her past anxiety, age, and energy level and about the fact that we both work full time. She did, and gave us Harley. For us, it was worth it because he checked every box on our list. Harley had yet to learn his manners, so from untrained eyes, it would look as if Rain hated Harley.

Your job as the human is to set boundaries and make sure no one gets hurt. Choose a dog that compliments you and your family. The wonderful thing about having two dogs is that they have their own relationship separate from you, and you get twice as many dogs to love. If you spend the time and figure out what will work for your family and dog, everyone will be happier in the long run.

Maybe we got lucky or maybe it was all the planning and searching, but Rain and Harley do love each other. They sleep together, snuggle together, and look to each other for comfort. We've had Harley for a year now, and I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions we have ever made. The hardest thing we are finding with a second dog is that they have different eating habits. Floyd likes to nibble all day but Blaze eats his entire dish.

So they pee at the same time, but we can't seem to get a fix on Floyd's bathroom schedule. But it was amazing to watch obefient Blaxe putting a 5 week olf pippy through his paces. Now Floyd often acts like a lab! Reply 3 years ago. What a great guide and a beautiful story! His girlfriends at day camp are all similar dogs. But we have a small back yard and tough to keep clean with one pup. Your writing and advice is clear and right-on; you have lucky pups!

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May I ask what breed of dog is in the title picture. Recently I rescued a dog very similar in looks amd the shelter had no idea what he is other than a mix due to the fact that he was found on the streets over three years ago. He shares the coloring and brindle pattern that your dog has also, if possible could you please let me know what breed of dog you have. Thank you.

Eight Common Causes of Aggression in Dogs

I wish I could tell you! When we got her we were told she was a boxer cross. We think she may have some whippet or maybe even some Catahoula Leopard in her. Thank you, and I am happy that Rain and Harley are happy and enjoying their lives in the comfort of your care. It is a real joy when you are able to provide a loving home for your animals or family, however you look at it Thank you again. By hbridge88 heatherbridge Follow.

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After Five: Whats Another Dog? After Five: Whats Another Dog?
After Five: Whats Another Dog? After Five: Whats Another Dog?
After Five: Whats Another Dog? After Five: Whats Another Dog?
After Five: Whats Another Dog? After Five: Whats Another Dog?
After Five: Whats Another Dog? After Five: Whats Another Dog?
After Five: Whats Another Dog? After Five: Whats Another Dog?
After Five: Whats Another Dog? After Five: Whats Another Dog?

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